Unhinged 3: Maria O’Donnell Issued Veiled Threat To Lighthouse Point Police Chief Over “Damages” From Sober Home Statement

On February 10, 2017 Lighthouse Point Mayoral candidate Maria Corvaia O’Donnell issued a veiled threat to a police dispatcher over “damages” caused by a statement about sober homes. At 4:32pm on a Friday afternoon, O’Donnell called the Lighthouse Point Police Department. “This is attorney Maria O’Donnell and I’d like to speak with the chief of police, please,” she said.

Fifteen minutes later, the dispatcher told Maria O’Donnell that Chief Russ Licata was “very busy” and he would call her back. At this point, O’Donnell begins making demands.

“This conversation, if it doesn’t happen now, could cause me damages. He put a blast out to the public that I believe is inaccurate,” O’Donnell said.

O’Donnell is referring to a statement by the Chief regarding O’Donnell’s wildly inaccurate claims about sober homes.

Maria O’Donnell was upset her campaign issue was undermined in a message sent to residents. She said, “I believe it’s detrimental to my mayoral campaign and I want it amended immediately!”

O’Donnell began to use legal buzzwords signaling a possible lawsuit. “If he doesn’t want to address it at this time I just want to let him know that it’s damaging…damaging to my political campaign,” she continued.

“The only time this could be remedied would be now. The kind of remedy if this is indeed inaccurate, and by inaccurate I mean not factually true, the time to remedy is now,” she said.

O’Donnell demanded Chief Licata issue another statement. She said, “A blast must go out and it must state the truth of the facts!”

Minutes later, O’Donnell calls back to complain the Chief has failed to call her. The dispatcher reminds her it’s been less than ten minutes since her last call. “I still haven’t heard anything…obviously I’m getting ready for Keepers Day,” she said.

Then, O’Donnell quizzes the dispatcher. She said, “Are you aware of the sober home on 46th Street?” The dispatcher tries to explain he just answers the phone. “That wasn’t the question,” she barked. “Are you aware of sober home on 46th Street?”

The dispatcher says he is not aware of any facts related to sober homes.

Will Maria O’Donnell treat police employees like this if she’s elected mayor?

Why is she bothering the Police Chief with her political problems?

Who is she to demand anything from any city employee?

Why is she repeatedly tying up police telephone lines with her campaign silliness?

Lighthouse Point voters deserve answers before the March 14th election.

You can listen to the full call below:


16 thoughts on “Unhinged 3: Maria O’Donnell Issued Veiled Threat To Lighthouse Point Police Chief Over “Damages” From Sober Home Statement

  1. Vanessa

    Best part is she has no flippin idea. Maybe pride? She has a long way to go and this election is already a done deal. Does she stay in LHP after the election? Im not joking…talk about making life hard on yourself, uhhh


  2. Matthew

    Her latest post on her Facebook is some nonsense about what food to have at city events. Did you read Troast’s article in the Pelican? A laundry list of projects coming up and she hasn’t the faintest idea not only what they are but how they should get done and where the funding is coming from. It’s like the city is being punked.

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  3. Yu Krazy

    The sheriff ‘s office should be commended, the two last articles shows how professional the officers are. I don’t know how they can deal with that woman. If by some chance in hell she wins the election, how is she going to govern?? The Police and city commissioners don’t respect her and reading these post either do the residents of Lighthouse Point. She should do Lighthouse Point a favor and drop out of the race and better yet move out of Lighthouse Point. Maria Yu Krazy!!!!

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    1. Matthew

      I could be wrong but I am pretty sure that the people answering the non-emergency phones aren’t actually police officers. Someone running for mayor should know basics about the city employees. It was glaringly obvious when Maria was pressing the dispatcher as to whether or not he knew of the existance of sober homes that she didn’t know much about staffing. What are the odds that ANY of these people are going to stick around on the outside chance she actually gets elected?

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  4. Brie

    Kudos to Maria who’s managed a feat that Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama couldn’t come close to achieving. She’s united an entire city of Republicans, Democratics, Independents, police, librarians, boaters, drunks, former drunks, cats and chickens in their unanimous support for Mayor Glenn Troast! Hats off to you, dear!

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  5. Appalled and disgusted

    This woman is a vile, disgusting excuse for a human being. She is nothing but a bully and someone like this does not need to be the representative of a wonderful community such as LHP. It would be a shame and a disgrace. On several occasions she has harassed, threatened, bullied and accused myself and people around me of despicable things that I dare not repeat. She has absolutely no respect for other people and treats them as her inferiors. I am absolutely mindblown that a person like this truly believes that this kind of behavior is becoming of a mayoral candidate. She has absolutely no regard for others, no humanity and she is the lowest of the low. Please do not make this woman the face of such a beautiful community.


  6. Marky Mark

    She has NO CHANCE of winning anything . She had 10 supporters at her fund raiser and one clinging to her in the photo is from Pompton . What kind of people would align themselves with this woman ? Gross .

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  7. Amelia

    Would anyone else like to hear why this candidate uses an alias? If I were Glenn Troast I would plaster that mug shot all over the neighborhood. How DARE “Marla” speak negatively about anyone else. Someone got hit by the karma bus BIG TIME today.


  8. R.Eddy

    As someone who unfortunately has been witness to(and victim of) the Maria show many times over the years, I’ve got to say she has finally reached full psychosis.
    Sadly, her children are witness and victim to her insane, delusional behaivor on a daily basis.
    Hey Brendan, think about those kids,do something man!


  9. Zachary Robertson

    I know I don’t want my kids on any of her kids baseball/soccer/football teams in LHP. I don’t want to see her at Dan Witt or Frank McDonough. I don’t want to see her at publix, Menchies, on my street, or anywhere near me. Im scared ill say something and get myself in major trouble. If I were her I would sell and move to Portland ASAP.


  10. R. Eddy

    Right, you never know what innocuous comment will set her off. Her reaction to perceived slights and imagined insults is bizarre. Everyone must respect how accomplished, successful and talented Mrs. O’Donnell is. If you are unaware of how wonderful Maria is, she will surely let you know!


  11. Alan P

    So this election is so over. Troast will win by 4,000 votes. Now we need to figure out how to get her out of the city. You should see the other parents avoid her at her sons basketball game. Hilarious.



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