Unhinged? Lighthouse Point Candidate’s 8 Hour Rant Over Ballot Story

Lighthouse Point mayoral candidate Maria O’Donnell launched an eight-hour insult filled rant over a REDBROWARD story detailing her failure to comply with the city’s election law. City code section 22-2(a) requires candidates to submit the names and signatures of ten registered voters from Lighthouse Point. On Sunday, REDBROWARD revealed one of O’Donnell’s signatories was not a registered voter.

Due to her failure to submit ten valid names, some Lighthouse Point residents believe O’Donnell should not be on the March ballot.

On Tuesday, O’Donnell and her husband started to add their commentaries to the REDBROWARD story. Brendan O’Donnell said his wife “personally” asked the ten people if they were registered voters. When asked if she did more to verify their information, Mr. O’Donnell wrote, “Are you seriously saying she should distrust her neighbor when she confirmed her voters status when pointedly asked???”

Minutes later, Maria O’Donnell attempted to use the same excuse.

Maria O’Donnell wrote, “I take great offense that the incumbent or anyone would ask I distrust my neighbor when I pointedly asked her if she was a registered voter and she was emphatic she was. You and the incumbent suggest we don’t trust our neighbors of Lighthouse Point? This issue is closed.”

After being asked why she did not take even basic steps to verify the information, O’Donnell wrote, “You are engaging in libel. I don’t appreciate that. I followed all the rules and respected them. I asked my neighbor pointedly if she was a registered voter, are you suggesting my incumbent asked for voter ID cards for his signatories?”

O’Donnell repeatedly referred to checking voter ID cards or “deeds.” She seems unaware that most of the voter information can be verified online, for free.

Instead of answering questions about her actions, Maria O’Donnell decided to launch personal attacks.

“You are quite skewed in your dislike for me, and it is tainting your ability to report the news unbiased,” she said. “Clearly that’s why you work for an internet local media outlet, if it even rises that that.”

Just after 6:30pm, O’Donnell claimed her rant was over. She said, “Your attacks are clearly fueled by your bias views and no facts therefore this discussion is now pointless. I won’t respond again. Re read my comments. Good day.”

Instead, O’Donnell continued her diatribe via Facebook messages to this reporter’s personal account.

O’Donnell claimed REDBROWARD had joined forces with her enemies in an attempt to keep her from winning.

She claimed she followed the law even though she had not submitted valid names. “All my signatories read the paper and affirmed their status and my cell records show I called them all in a row to reaffirm before filing so don’t knock me for my due diligence as if I sat on the corner asking for names….”

O’Donnell wrote, “Why are you so against me as mayor??? I am an American success story. I am running to donate my time to this town, why are you doing this?”

An hour into her Facebook rant, O’Donnell attempted keep her comments private. “Oh and you don’t have my permission to use any of my texts for your harassment column.”

This reporter stated we were on the record. At no time did she ask to go off the record.

Then, O’Donnell tried to imply she was an impostor pretending to be the candidate! She mentioned discussing legal matters with Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca. She said REDBROWARD “twists Chip’s actions.”

O’Donnell wrote, “I have a friend who sues reporters for this very thing. Always verify your source Tom.”

The exchange lasted from 2:00pm to almost 11:00 pm.

16 thoughts on “Unhinged? Lighthouse Point Candidate’s 8 Hour Rant Over Ballot Story

  1. Maria

    You’re a liar Tom. You promulgated your story based on your “Facebook” verification and I just busted that for what it is, low level verification, which notably completely thwarts your attacks on me…and then some. Tom, you also snipped texts from yesterday to skew them to appear in your favor, another bad move on your part. Further, you never spoke to me, called me, or importantly, even looked at me ever in my life, but yet “Facebook” was enough for you to verify you were taking to me? Talking to my husband? So according to you “Facebook” is a proper medium for verification of someone’s identity minus ever meeting them, or even talking to them? Maybe I should of “Facebooked” my signatories instead of going the extra mile and talking with them face to face and re checking their stats via telephone. Chaz Stevens called you a “bloated” fraud who’s is nothing more than a paid for hired hand and he’s likely right. Who paid you for this nonsense Tom? When you go to print with nothing more than a Facebook verification you lose all credability. Ironically, you accuse a candidate like myself, who exercised due diligence, of failing to verify facts, when not only did I see speak to and verify the facts of my signatories in person, I re-verified it via their registered cellular telephone numbers, which is much more than you do before engaging in defamatory news articles, quoting snippets from Facebook messenger, and then insulting the mindset of people like myself whom you’ve never even met or spoken to. Tom, the only person “unhinged” is you and your hired hand.
    Further you lied, as you never stated once before I noted your failure to verify my identity that we were on any “record”. Lastly, you’re a bully, calling me names and insulting me doesn’t get you anything or anywhere. Saying things like “hey lady” (a communication from you which you omitted from your article notably) and using emojis to be rude as well, just shows your disrespect for women. Go call your mother and use that on her, we don’t accept that abuse.
    I’m ready Tom, advise your hired hands this is my last response to your gossip rag and their bullying. Try and verify your facts with something more than Facebook before quoting people, or worse, defaming them. You’re going to write a lot of stupidity after this, accusations bullying, insults, and lies but I won’t read any of it, I’m unsubscribed after this and I am not interested. I’m not wasting my time to respond again Tom, because I already have the facts…and they aren’t from “Facebook”.
    Govern yourselves accordingly.


  2. Maria odonnell

    I will add this, now I know what Trump feels like, (in a much smaller way), with all of the skewed media attacking him, twisting the facts, it really is disgusting. Stop it Hillary/Tom.


  3. Stephanie Kienzle

    Did the woman not understand what is meant by “ten registered voters?” Anyone who doesn’t understand the rules should obviously not be mayor.

    Although, nice touch invoking “The Chaz” as a means to shoot the messenger. Way to toss a red herring!

    Unfortunately, Maria lost me at “Maybe I should OF “Facebooked” my signatories…”

    Um, maybe she shouldn’t HAVE substituted a preposition for a verb.

    Memo to Maria: When running for public office, literacy counts.

    Just saying.

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    1. Maria

      Stephanie thankfully there is legal precedent on this issue so there is no concern. I will prevail. Notably, ANY reasonable person would have reasonably believed they had ten signatures when submitting the sheet. I know Glenn’s supporters are worried because I have a lot of support, and if you want to amend the sober home laws I should have yours too as nothing has been done to stop them and we now have several in town, one even next to Dan Witt. One is coming to a street near you if I don’t get elected. This isn’t personal this is professional. I wouldn’t make a voting decision on an incorrect spelling or grammar error on an internet comment string. My camp doesn’t have to stoop so low as to hire this rag to attack my opponent, they are grasping at straws and I understand why, but the city needs me and I am willing to donate my legal experience to help. Check out my website and Facebook pages and get to know the issues we stand for.


      1. Tom Lauder Post author

        You can’t get the signatures of 10 LHP registered voters and you want people to think you will stop sober homes? All the sober home owner has to say is “this isn’t a sober home” and you’re likely to believe it

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Stephanie Kienzle

        Ohh, FFS, Maria. Trolling me now? Get your info straight. I’m a political blogger covering northeast Miami Dade/South Broward. Although I’m originally from Miami Beach, I haven’t lived there in over 30 years.

        No, I’m not a Lighthouse Point resident, but as a citizen (and a registered voter), I have a right to criticize public officials and candidates for office.

        Which brings me to my next point. In addition to the ability to spell correctly and use proper grammar, one running for public office also needs to have thicker skin than you apparently have. If you ever aspire to public service, quit being so whiny, petty and childish. It’s not becoming.

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      3. Todd

        You’re definitely not ready for Prime Time. Don’t invite people to look into your Facebook page before you warn your family members to clean up their pages. You have family members calling Hillary and her daughter a Retarded C*nt. And then you posted under him. I understand people post in the heat of the moment but if you’re going to run for office, have the common sense to go back and at least clean it up before inviting others to inspect.

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  5. Anonymous

    Brilliant! Bloody brilliant! This is the tip of the iceberg, folks! Keep going, there’s loads more to unearth.


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