Fake News? Lighthouse Point Candidate Maria O’Donnell Spreading Misinformation To Scare Voters

Lighthouse Point mayoral candidate Maria Corvaia O’Donnell appears to be spreading misinformation in a effort to scare voters into supporting her campaign. In addition to her favorite causes like chickens and astroturf, Maria O’Donnell has filled her Facebook page with vague posts regarding “sober homes” in Lighthouse Point. The “Maria For Mayor” page was started on January 11, 2017. Less than two weeks later, O’Donnell made her first scary sober home post.

O’Donnell wrote, “Sober homes…have multiplied in the last couple of years and nothing is being done about it in [Lighthouse Point] thus far.” O’Donnell kicked up the fear factor with mentions of “drug dealers” and “prostitution” and a link to a story about a Palm Beach county sober home. She claimed “pill clinic” owners were operating a sober home “right by” a Lighthouse Point park.

O’Donnell, an attorney, told voters she would use her vast legal knowledge to fight sober homes. “[Lighthouse Point] you need me, and I will help you succeed as I helped my billion dollar clients,” O’Donnell wrote.

On February 2, O’Donnell used her legal background again in another sober home post. “If I win the city wins….If I win, the Sober Home problem gets a highly experienced lawyer like me to amend that Act which governs it….” On February 7, O’Donnell claimed sober home residents were “checking out the girls” at a local park. She wrote, “I can help you amend the laws that govern these Sober homes. I will donate my legal expertise to you, but I need a political seat to push this reform so I can get it done efficiently and effectively.”

On February 9th, Maria O’Donnell urged her small group of supporters to call the Lighthouse Point Police Department about the sober homes issue. She wrote, “This is REAL and we must be smart about it NOW to avoid what has happened to the North in Deerfield Beach and Del Ray [sic].” O’Donnel said, “I am willing to lend my legal expertise to help you.”


On February 10th, the Lighthouse Point Police Department released a statement about sober homes. Even though sober homes are protected by the Fair Housing Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act, the LHP Police Department said, “City officials worked aggressively to enact a Transient Rental Ordinance to regulate homes with transient occupancies, which includes sober homes.” The Police Department stated, “To our knowledge, they are no longer in operation.”

O’Donnell’s opponent, Mayor Glenn Troast also addressed “rumors” about sober homes.”

Troast wrote, “There have been numerous allegations about rampant sober homes in our wonderful city. The allegations are not true.”


Less than an hour after Troast posted his comments on Facebook, O’Donnell went on the attack. O’Donnell claimed she discussed the issue with a Lighthouse Point police officer two days earlier. According to O’Donnell, the police officer said they “hadn’t had trouble” with a sober home in months. O’Donnell  claimed the late Friday “blast” from the Police Department was timed to coincide with the Keeper’s Parade on Saturday.

O’Donnell said she remained “on hold” with the police for “over ten minutes.” Later, O’Donnell claimed she told the chief of police to “amend the blast to save exposure of the town to litigation and to be candid to the people.”

O’Donnell said, “[Lighthouse Point] people are the smartest I’ve ever been around, they will check your facts, they don’t have to be law enforcement ot lawyers to know those.”


On Sunday, O’Donnell blasted out more false rumors about sober homes. O’Donnell claimed she found another sober home in Lighthouse Point. She wrote, “LHP police why didn’t you tell us about this in your email update that went out to the residents of LHP conveniently before this big city weekend?” O’Donnell included a link to the Florida Association Of Recovery Residences (FARR).

The FARR link shows SeaSteps Recovery listed in Lighthouse Point.

Just one problem, SeaSteps is actually located in nearby Pompano Beach.

According to State of Florida business records, Ocean Walk North LLC, dba SeaSteps, is located at 2701 E. Atlantic Boulevard in Pompano Beach, not Lighthouse Point.

Broward County Property Appraiser records show Ocean Walk North owns the property at 2701 E. Atlantic Boulevard in Pompano Beach, not Lighthouse Point.

It appears Ms. O’Donnell simply visited the FARR website and searched for facilities in Lighthouse Point. It appears she failed to verify the FARR information before making her outlandish claims on Facebook.

For all her claims of legal expertise, this is not the first time Maria O’Donnell failed to do simple fact checking during her campaign.


Last month REDBROWARD reported Maria O’Donnell failed to submit the signatures of ten Lighthouse Points voters need to qualify for the mayor’s race. Under city code Sec. 22-2(a), “A candidate for city office shall announce their candidacy by filing with the city clerk the notice of candidacy form, the petition of candidacy supported by the signatures of ten registered voters and qualified electors of the city….” Instead of getting extra signatures, O’Donnell submitted just ten names.

The second signature on Maria O’Donnell’s petition is her neighbor, Fannie Currie. A search of local, State, private and public voter registration databases by REDBROWARD failed to locate any Lighthouse Point voter by that name.  A search of previous names Ms. Currie went by came up empty as well.

Lighthouse Point officials stated a Broward judge must determine whether Maria O’Donnell should remain on the March ballot.

Shortly after REDBROWARD posted the story, Maria O’Donnell went on an unhinged tirade similar to last week’s attacks on the Lighthouse Point Police. O’Donnell began an eight hour rant about the report.


O’Donnell and her husband started to add their commentaries to the REDBROWARD story. Brendan O’Donnell said his wife “personally” asked the ten people if they were registered voters. When asked if she did more to verify their information, Mr. O’Donnell wrote, “Are you seriously saying she should distrust her neighbor when she confirmed her voters status when pointedly asked???”

Minutes later, Maria O’Donnell attempted to use the same excuse.

Maria O’Donnell wrote, “I take great offense that the incumbent or anyone would ask I distrust my neighbor when I pointedly asked her if she was a registered voter and she was emphatic she was. You and the incumbent suggest we don’t trust our neighbors of Lighthouse Point? This issue is closed.”

After being asked why she did not take even basic steps to verify the information, O’Donnell wrote, “You are engaging in libel. I don’t appreciate that. I followed all the rules and respected them. I asked my neighbor pointedly if she was a registered voter, are you suggesting my incumbent asked for voter ID cards for his signatories?”

O’Donnell repeatedly referred to checking voter ID cards or “deeds.” She seems unaware that most of the voter information can be verified online, for free.

Instead of answering questions about her actions, Maria O’Donnell decided to launch personal attacks.

“You are quite skewed in your dislike for me, and it is tainting your ability to report the news unbiased,” she said. “Clearly that’s why you work for an internet local media outlet, if it even rises that that.”

Just after 6:30pm, O’Donnell claimed her rant was over. She said, “Your attacks are clearly fueled by your bias views and no facts therefore this discussion is now pointless. I won’t respond again. Re read my comments. Good day.”

Instead, O’Donnell continued her diatribe via Facebook messages to this reporter’s personal account.

O’Donnell claimed REDBROWARD had joined forces with her enemies in an attempt to keep her from winning.

She claimed she followed the law even though she had not submitted valid names. “All my signatories read the paper and affirmed their status and my cell records show I called them all in a row to reaffirm before filing so don’t knock me for my due diligence as if I sat on the corner asking for names….”

O’Donnell wrote, “Why are you so against me as mayor??? I am an American success story. I am running to donate my time to this town, why are you doing this?”

An hour into her Facebook rant, O’Donnell attempted keep her comments private. “Oh and you don’t have my permission to use any of my texts for your harassment column.”

This reporter stated we were on the record. At no time did she ask to go off the record.

Then, O’Donnell tried to imply she was an impostor pretending to be the candidate!

O’Donnell wrote, “I have a friend who sues reporters for this very thing. Always verify your source Tom.”

The exchange lasted from 2:00pm to almost 11:00 pm.

Maria O’Donnell continues to tout her “legal expertise” but REDBROWARD has now documented two cases where it appears she failed to do basic fact checking. Even more troubling, O’Donnell appears to have a habit of attacking those who dare to question her facts.


14 thoughts on “Fake News? Lighthouse Point Candidate Maria O’Donnell Spreading Misinformation To Scare Voters

  1. Maria ODonnell

    Tom your comical and a liar. Anyone who googles your name and the name “Chaz Stevens” will read all the articles about how your a hired hand from the other side, bought and paid for to attack strong campaign candidates like myself for a price tag of 1500. I’m flattered really but you failed once again, my Facebook page Maria for Mayor outlines all the FACTS, not your paid for internet goof with no following. This is what the media did and does to Trump, you forget Lighthouse Point doesn’t put up with those type of Hillary-esqe attacks, especially when I already laid out all the facts that can be checked realistically, not just with your made up facts like claiming we have no Sober Homes, LOL Tom we already proved that lie. No one would believe your skewed attack and silly cartooned memes, although I kind of like it, thanks for the humor. As for the false facts, it’s embarrassing for my opponent, we don’t like this sort of bullying in LHP. Maybe they’ll think twice before bullying me again, it keeps backfiring. Thank you!


    1. Tom Lauder Post author

      Oh Maria, nobody reads my stuff but it took you just 10 minutes to comment. Once again, nobody is paying me to write about you. Your mistakes, outrageous claims and bullying of Lighthouse Point residents is plenty of inspiration. You made a claim, we checked the facts. You were wrong, again. SeaSteps is NOT in Lighthouse Point. There is no grand conspiracy, it appears you’re just willing to spew anything to get elected.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. davidmishkindopa

    Recently my wife and I were the target of wantabe Mayor O’Donnell, which my wife and I have done nothing but give our support for Mayor Troast. Maria has also attacked other Lighthouse Point residents( who by are registered voters) for merely supporting her opponent. Now may I ask the Registered voters of Lighthouse Point, is that the kind of person you want as Mayor?? She attacks and smears anyone who doesn’t agree with her, that to me sounds like a “DIC”tator and not a Mayor.
    P. S. Maria thank you for your personal attacks on me, it’s only helped my business more, your childish behavior shows everyone who you really are.
    Dr. Mishkin


  3. Matthew

    This candidate is currently on Facebook blaming the current mayor for using city resources for pulling up her signs. As a political candidate she should know that too many signs on one property is against city code and it is the job of code enforcement to pull up additional signs.

    Don’t worry Dr. Mishkin, we have way bigger problems with candidates who call themselves attorneys yet spend more time on Facebook bashing people than even learning the most basic rules about campaigning. Imagine the errors she’d make as a city official?


  4. Lou Smith

    Whoa Nellie! I can’t believe I almost voted for her. Now I’m second guessing myself. Facts are facts.


  5. William

    Please see the video she posted about dixon ahl park on youtube. If she only knew the history of the park, why those benches are mismatched and why there are no parking spots. She continues to bury herself with her stupidity. “Real” LHP residents will soon run her out of the city altogether. Such a shame.


  6. Melissa

    Please make sure you vote on March 14th. Tell every person you can to vote Troast or LHP will turn to crap. I have experienced this woman a couple of times and have no idea why she is still around.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Matthew

    By the way, this candidate was not even at the commission meeting last night, an extremely important one for those in Lighthouse Point who get their water from Pompano. It is my understanding that she has never attended any except one, 2 weeks ago and stayed only briefly. She does not have the support of a single commissioner and that alone should tell any voter what they need to know. If the current mayor was not a decent mayor, there would be at least one or two who would be supporting this candidate. The only support she has is from people who have no clue what is in the city ordinances and codes and the ones that are caught up in her sober home hysteria.

    Liked by 1 person

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  9. LCSMommy

    You should have seen her and her husband at their children’s school drunk. Her children go to Lighthouse Christian School with mine and her daughter was in a production of Willy Wonka as an extra. The play was actually in the sanctuary of the church, and low and behold, here comes Maria and her husband carrying two bottles of wine and sitting down and drinking both bottles, IN THE SANCTUARY, during the play. BOTH BOTTLES. This isn’t the first time they have been drunk at a school function. Nobody likes them at the school and the teachers “deal” with them as they are entitled lying jerks to them. She needs to go and leave our town alone.


  10. Truth

    These comments are lies from hateful people. The O’Donnells are one of the most respected families in Lighthouse Point, hence why she ran and gained hundreds of supporters as a newcomer, which in a town, where no one voted but 10 percent lol, that’s an amazing start. Because of their success, beautiful kids beautiful mansion, boats, vacations, etc they, like Trump, have lying haters who simply can’t get a life, especially those who struggle and are envious of Maria’s great success in all areas. Lying about Maria is simply the green monster rearing its ugly head. Even now these comments remain filled with defamation and lies, these people should be sued for lying about Maria and her beautiful family. Her and her husband have NEVER been drunk at any public function either that is ludicrous, they donate thousands to children and charities, the O’Donnells need to find the liars are sue them! Again, I support lawsuits for everyone commenting lies, there are companies that can trace the defamatory comments. I’ve sent the O’Donnells that info as have hundreds of others. She’s actually gotten MORE support since the election due to sad people still commenting afterwards. Jealous liars.


    1. Yu Krazy

      Wow!!! You just can’t let it go. You lost and lost BIG. I don’t know if this is you maria or your friend that has her head so far up your ass, that I don’t know where you end and your friend starts.

      Just move on, but make sure your not drunk while your moving AKA Brendan. I guess getting arrested for DUI isn’t being drunk in public?!?! Are you going to defend him bc you’re such a self proclaimed amazing lawyer or pay the $20k to do it right?!

      Who’s going to run you errands now? Poor pathetic guy. Knowing how much you drink and he can’t drive you I’d guess you’re next!!!

      Maria Yu Krazy



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