Legal Expertise? Employees Sued Lighthouse Point Mayoral Candidate Over Federal Labor Laws

Maria Corvaia O’Donnell keeps telling Lighthouse Point residents that her “legal expertise” is a main reason they should vote for her in the March Mayoral election. This week, REDBROWARD reported O’Donnell, an attorney, told voters she would use her vast legal knowledge to fight sober homes. O’Donnell said she would use her legal experience to amend the Federal laws governing “sober homes.” She wrote, “I can help you amend the laws that govern these Sober homes. I will donate my legal expertise to you, but I need a political seat to push this reform so I can get it done efficiently and effectively.”

But according to lawsuits from two former employees, Maria O’Donnell had a hard time following Federal laws governing employment and overtime pay.

In July 2014, Joann Grogin claimed Maria O’Donnell’s “Unlawful employment practices” violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). According to the lawsuit, O’Donnell, “had Plaintiff, a non-exempt employee under the FLSA, work in excess of forty (40) hours per work week, but willfully refused to properly compensate Plaintiff for such work in violation of the FLSA.”

Four months later, another employee, Phynecia Rodolph filed a lawsuit against Maria O’Donnell for “for overtime compensation and other relief under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA).” Rodolph claimed O’Donnell failed “to pay Plaintiff time and one-half wages for hours worked in excess of forty within a work week.”

REDBROWARD obtained a May 2015 settlement between Maria O’Donnell and Phynecia Rodolph. In exchange for dismissal of the lawsuit, Maria O’Donnell agreed to pay Rodolph $11,000 dollars. O’Donnell agreed to a $9,000 dollar payment to Rodolph’s lawyers.

Should Lighthouse Point voters put their trust in O’Donnell to amend complex Federal laws involving the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act when she has a history of not following simple overtime rules?

REDBROWARD asked Maria O’Donnell for a comment. She has not responded.


  1. Maria says:

    I was never asked to comment. Out of my hundred or so employees yes this occurred. In general, as I will not discuss the facts of these cases, lawsuits like this against employers occur for millions of business owners all over the country due in part to poor laws under Obama’s regime, and many were forced to make fiscal decisions for their businesses, regardless of the facts. Thankfully we have Trump now who supports business owners. God bless that.
    You keep grabbing at irrelevant topics to discredit me, it’s a hateful, ignorant pursuit. My little town deserves a peaceful election. I know someone from the other camp hired you to promote hate and bullying, but there’s no point to this. It is not positive and doesn’t help the people decide, you just anger them and they swing in my direction, they see you leave Troast alone and that doesn’t go unnoticed. Doesn’t your payor know that by now? Don’t they know the residents of LHP are smart and don’t like this behavior? You want to write a real story, expose who is doing this to our town, it’s pathetic and sad for our happy little city.


    1. Tom Lauder says:

      1. We tried to reach you via FB messages but it said you were not accepting message. So we tried via email.
      2. Nobody is paying me a cent to write about you or LHP.
      3. The article clearly states why this is relevant. You have made your “legal expertise” in Federal law an issue in this race.

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    2. davidmishkindopa says:

      Maria, you are the one bullying the residents of Lighthouse Point. You are the one who viciously attacked me and my wife for supporting your opponent. We have never said or done anything about you or against you. By the way medical malpractice lawsuits are just the price of doing business as you say in your legal terms. So I don’t appreciate your cyber bullying of me and my wife. Frankly the day Lighthouse Point becomes a pleasant little town is the day you leave Lighthouse Point which I hope is soon.
      Dr. Mishkin

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  2. Sven says:

    This has become an absolute shit show. The funny thing is this airhead actually thinks she stands a chance in this race. Her opponent runs circles around her. I’m sure glad I don’t live in LHP. Seems like this city is in shambles and I thought it was one of the most sought after places to be.

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    1. Will Smith says:

      Nah, the City isn’t in shambles. When you have a City like Lighthouse Point, one that has very few if any real issues, you create issues and problems during election seasons. Check out Maria’s Facebook page, there are actually people outraged about street lights, astroturf, marine refueling and vegetable gardens. Small town politics are sometimes amusing but I agree that this one is turning into a circus.

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  3. Matthew says:

    I heard today that this candidate is suing a vendor who sold her a $77 item that she couldn’t return after she’d apparently used the item and then went on Facebook and bragged about how it was going to cost the poor woman hundreds and hundreds of dollars in legal fees now. WHO is the bully?

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  4. Pete says:

    Maria, seriously. When are you going to drop out of this? This is not a joke, I actually am hurting for you. It’s time to shut down shop buddy.

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    1. Russ says:

      Based on her crazed reaction to the ballot signature facts, you can only imagine the working environment Mrs O’Donnell provided her employees. Have to question if her numerous successes and expertise are as claimed.

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  5. Randy Messinger says:

    This is going to be so great! Maria for Mayor! Why don’t we have cat parks or community gardens?! Absurd if you ask me. Its crazy we don’t have gas delivered to our boat owners and the marina has been taking advantage of us for years, and yes, you are right, its time to fight back! You are spot on with trying to please all the people of LHP. We need parking spots at Dixon Ahl Park and you are right on that the entire city looks run down, “shabby” and we need to do something about it! Why don’t we have mountains? Will you get us mountains? Why don’t we have an NHL team or an airport? I know DeGroff park dosent have a bathroom and good to hear you are all over that. Great point with the community bus that costs 40k a year! I need that 8 cents a year it costs to run it. No bullying but the next sentence can be “Troast is Toast”. Signs going missing, sober homes, making everything better. Please keep it going. Please. Should be a blowout in this one. No brainer.

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    1. Patricia says:

      Omg you are dead on. The only BULLY is Maria. She has made a career and life of Bulldozing and Bullying everyone in her way . God forbid you have an opposing view.

      Mayor Troast is a hardworking, wonderful man, father, husband and mayor. He works countless hours as our current mayor and has volunteered in so many other ways including as a Commissioner over the many years as a resident.

      The only person being bullied is Mayor Troast and his supporters. It’s disgusting. After she loses maybe she will move.

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  6. Angela says:

    Love the above 2 comments. I think she has no choice but to move after she gets blown out. I’d love to see her at the marina, Dan Witt park, DeGroff park, publix. Coral Springs material from day 1.

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    1. Russ says:

      I have had several encounters with this unpleasant person. Mrs O’Donnell uses verbal abuse, blatant lies, threats & crazed meltdowns against those who disagree, total obedience is required. She does not have the emotional stability to represent the citizens of LHP.

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  7. Brendan O'Donnell says:

    David Mishkin your a vile person who makes me laugh. I hope everyone sees that these comments belong to two people who keep making up accounts. What a joke. David you were sued by your PATIENTS Maria wasn’t sued by her clients, and you should lose your medical license for the defamatory statements you have made in your Facebook page and maybe you will. You already lost your tennis group after throwing your racket like a lunatic cursing and screaming and hitting it against objects when you lost, to the stunned eyes of the watchers. You and your “wife” have lost almost all of your friends except those low lives you have to buy to befriend you because no one wants to associate with lunacy like the Mishkins. Your neighbors can’t even stand you. You’re social pariahs and for what? Because you’re jealous my wife is successful?? What’s extra hilarious is a tennis player told us your wife fought Glenn last year about his lack of upkeep of the tennis center! Lol, you’re a joke and I’d never use a doctor who spoke like that about anyone, and that’s what EVERYONE is saying now, we have the screenshots of your Facebook page. You’re pathetic.


  8. George says:

    Can gasoline be delivered to sober homes? Im asking for a friend…..


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