Title-Gate: Broward Commissioners Geller & Rich Offer More Proof Politicians Out Of Touch

A recent Sun-Sentinel story revealed new Broward County Commissioners Steve Geller and Nan Rich are obsessed over titles. As former members of the Florida Senate, Geller and Rich prefer to be addressed as Senator. “It’s not something we’ve made up. There is a book,’’ (Senator) Geller said. “I always refer to Nan as Senator Rich.”

Geller rightfully points out that proper protocol calls for one to be addressed by their highest title. 

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Geller says he doesn’t demand to be called “senator.’’ But if someone inquires, he educates them on the matter.

Come on Steve. You work for the residents of Broward County. While you’re a frequent visitor to Tallahassee, you gave up the hallowed halls of the Senate chamber and the Governor’s Club for an office in the old downtown Burdine’s.

Broward residents are worried about wasteful spending at the County level, not the titles of elected officials. Don’t you have more important things to worry about?

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