Why Is Steve Geller Appointing Young At Art Board Member To Broward Cultural Council?

According to the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting, Broward County Commissioner Steve Geller (D-Tallahassee) will appoint a Young At Art (YAA) board member to the Broward Cultural Council. Agenda Item 77 states Geller wants Rebecca Bratter to be his representative on the Council. Bratter, an attorney with Greenspoon Marder, has been a YAA board member since […]

Title-Gate: Broward Commissioners Geller & Rich Offer More Proof Politicians Out Of Touch

A recent Sun-Sentinel story revealed new Broward County Commissioners Steve Geller and Nan Rich are obsessed over titles. As former members of the Florida Senate, Geller and Rich prefer to be addressed as Senator. “It’s not something we’ve made up. There is a book,’’ (Senator) Geller said. “I always refer to Nan as Senator Rich.” […]

REAL POLITICS: Broward County Commission Candidate Chuck Lanza

   “Real Politics With Robert Sutton” on Bleeple.com featured an interview with Broward County Commission candidate Chuck Lanza.  http://youtu.be/Ily74TktdWE