Angry Millennial “Leader” Grabs Reporter’s Camera To Avoid Tough Questions

A visibly angry Lauren Cooley grabbed the REDBROWARD camera to avoid answering tough questions regarding her Campus Red PAC. REDBROWARD approached Cooley, a 24 year old musician, following Tuesday’s meeting of the Coral Springs/Pakland Republican Club. Candidates for the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) spoke to the club at the Wings Plus restaurant in Coral Springs. Cooley is running for BREC vice chair.

On Tuesday, REDBROWARD exposed Cooley’s dubious claim her super PAC “registered 11,000 conservative students.” State records show Cooley’s group registered a measly 49 voters. Cooley had ignored an email requesting clarification or explanation about her claim.

After asking about the claim, Cooley demanded REDBROWARD stop recording her. Then, Cooley suddenly grabbed the camera in an attempt to take control of it from this reporter. Cooley then threatened to call police with a phony claim of harassment.

Coral Springs responded to Cooley’s bogus call. The Coral Springs police officer told Cooley she was not allowed to touch a reporter’s equipment. Cooley was told to either say “no comment” or walk away.

REDBROWARD chose not to pursue legal remedies.

It was a valuable lesson for the self-proclaimed millenial leader. It’s easy to sit at your computer and call liberals “idiots,” but in the real world, true leaders must act professional and answer tough questions. Especially when you are seeking office.



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