Why Did Rico Petrocelli Endorse Brenda Snipes & Mitch Ceasar?!?

Why did Broward Republican State Committeeman Rico Petrocelli endorse Democrats Brenda Snipes and Mitch Ceasar in the August primaries? During July and August, Petrocelli went out of his way to endorse Snipes, the controversial Broward Supervisor of Elections and Ceasar, the chairman of the Broward Democratic Party. Did Rico think they were the best candidates for the job?

Snipes continues to make major mistakes, like omitting candidates and constitutional amendments from the August ballot. And Ceasar was soundly defeated by Brenda Forman in the Broward Clerk of Courts race. 

But this is not the first time Rico Petrocelli has endorsed a Broward Democrat.

In January 2013, REDBROWARD exposed Rico’s support and friendship with controversial Plantation Councilman Bob Levy. RED BROWARD reported Petrocelli endorsed the Plantation Democrat councilman via Facebook. Levy, the Pembroke Park city manager with a hefty $250K paycheck, has been accused of using Pembroke Park city workers for his personal needs. When asked by Bob Norman if accusations were true Levy said, “I can’t exactly remember what happened, so I can’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ at this point.”

Petrocelli’s support for Levy was not limited to Facebook posts. One of his Republican neighbors snapped pictures of no less than 3 Levy campaign signs adorning the Petrocelli homestead.

Why on Earth is Rico Petrocelli, a leader of the Broward GOP, so eager to see the election of Broward Democrats?
Once again, Rico’s judgment is called into question. In 2013, after just three months as party chairman, Rico Petrocelli quit the Broward Republican Executive Committee. When the going got tough, Rico quit

What kind of judgment did Rico Petrocelli use when he pulled over a young bikini clad woman while serving as a Hacienda Village police officer. According to BrowardBeat, “[Rico Petrocelli] quit the Hacienda Village Police on July 15, 1977 after a lawyer accused him of improper conduct towards an airline stewardess. The allegations include the stewardess being subjected to two unnecessary body searches while she was wearing a bikini.”

According to the woman’s lawyer, ““The officer had made innuendos during the course of the night, to wit the manner in which (she) could have the proceedings go bye-bye. He was rude and adamant, as she recalls. He had also eluded that if she was not extremely cooperative that she would be found and/or arrested on drug charges.”

Rico Petrocelli resigned and all charges against the woman were dropped. A letter penned by Rico was included in his personnel file. He wrote, ““I hereby resign from active duty due to personnel  [sic] reasons….This resignation is being made of my own free will and I would like to thank you for all your cooperation in the post.”

Now, Rico wants BREC members to trust his judgment by electing him chairman and Lauren Cooley, a 24 year old musician, as his vice chairman. Can BREC members afford to trust Rico Petrocelli? 

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