Broward Republican Chairman Robert Sutton Solves BREC Disqualification Issue

Due to strict rules set forth by the Republican Party of Florida, nearly one hundred Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) could have been barred from voting in Monday’s election. Those members did not have a current party loyalty oath filed with the RPOF. Thanks to the hard work of RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day, RPOF Chairman Blaise Ingoglia, and BREC Chairman Robert Sutton and the BREC Board, a solution has been reached to allow all members to vote.

In a statement to REDBROWARD, Sutton said:

Anyone who has been previously notified about a loyalty oath problem, and who was a member of BREC prior to August 30, 2016 and who therefore had an oath form on file (just not a newly dated one) will be allowed to execute a new oath form and participate in all regards in this Monday’s election. It is strongly suggested that those individuals who need to execute a new oath form appear early to accomplish that task.


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