Sorry Scott Israel, Stacy Ritter Prefers “THE One & Only Sheriff” Al Lamberti

Russ Klenet and Stacy Ritter

During any political season, campaigns crave free media coverage. Name recognition and public awareness are key to winning local elections. Some Democrat insiders are scratching their heads over the latest “Coffee With Stacy” video featuring Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap) and Sheriff Al Lamberti. Sheriff Al is running against Scott Israel (D-Sorry Louis).

Stacy’s cozy “special occasion” chat with Lamberti was recorded before a big crowd at the Tamarac Diner. Ritter introduced him several times as “THE Sheriff” and “THE One and only Sheriff”. Ritter even moderated a Q&A with the audience and Lamberti.

Here is her description of the video on YouTube:

“Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter hosts a Coffee with Stacy at the Tamarac Cafe & Diner with Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti. Al explains a lot of the background information about the BSO, what they handle, their budget and his background.”

Republicans applauded Lamberti’s appearance with the controversial Ritter. “Ritter’s supporters see Al with Stacy and assume she is backing him,” said one Republican operative. “Kudos to Al. He reaches out to all voters.”

Ritter is drawing some negative feedback on Facebook over this video. She is trotting out the old “public service” excuse.

For once we agree with the dancing commissioner. Al Lamberti is Broward’s best choice for sheriff.

Sorry Scott and Amy. Better take some sponges over to King’s Point a.s.a.p.

2 thoughts on “Sorry Scott Israel, Stacy Ritter Prefers “THE One & Only Sheriff” Al Lamberti

  1. John Balzer

    Let’s get real. Ritter threw softballs at Lamberti. Nowhere were questions about Lamberti’s associations with convicted felon Scott Rothstein mentioned even though Rothstein’s wife has been much in the news for hiding assets from the Feds. Nowhere was Lewis mentioned, one of Lamberti’s crony’s who he threw under the bus last week when it was discovered that he had a long rap sheet. Lamberti must go.


  2. Jeff

    I have some great pics of Lamberti supporting Charlie Crist after leaving the Republican Party. Would you like them?



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