Organizing For America: F*#k Yeah!!!


Everyone remembers Joe Biden’s open mic gaffe #3,749. Two years ago, at a press conference touting the passage of Obamacare, Biden told President Barack Obama that the moment was a “big f**king deal”. Oh Joe, you lovable vulgar statesman you.

Now, thanks to the fine folks at Obama For America, you can wear that vulgarity on you sleeve, er, on your mid-section. OFA is selling t-shirts with the slogan “Health Reform Still A BFD”. Charming. What’s next? Posters of Occupy Wall Street hippies pooping on police cars?


3 thoughts on “Organizing For America: F*#k Yeah!!!

  1. Joe Goldner

    What we must do is to be out there right now and get our voice out there to the Supreme Court Judges, our representatives and just everyone that we the people want Obamacare GONE! IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL and WE THE PEOPLE SAY HELL NO TO OBAMACARE!!


    1. Richard Koffler

      I guess you have no idea how to market and promote a candidate, a cause, a product or a service at minimal cost. You have no idea about SEO or anything that has to do with marketing, or promoting!



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