Sometimes the truth isn’t good enough.
Sometimes people deserve more.
Sometimes people deserve, to have their faith, rewarded

We have made it easy for them. We haven’t paid enough attention. We haven’t forced law enforcement and the media to do more.

We focus on big national races while nepotism and corruption run rampant in our own backyards. We gripe about high taxes and out-of-control spending in Washington DC; Yet, we ignore the taxes we pay to local governments.

We fail to notice how inexperienced and incompetent our local candidates truly are, while complaining about this czar and that czar.

Worst of all, we don’t demand real races. Too many candidates win “unopposed”. Too many people worry about condo votes and money from downtown fat cats. So the same old bad apples win year after year after year. They make deals with each other; switching to new seats when term limits send them home. They make deals to rearrange districts so a son or daughter or wife can keep the family business going.

And when they win unopposed we let ourselves of the hook. “Oh, I’d never vote for him.” “I wish there was another candidate.” “Sure we gave him a $500 check but that was just business, I don’t really like him.”

Enough is enough. It is time to make a choice.

How many will say, “corruption investigations be damned I’m going to vote for X”?

It’s time to pick a side. Do you choose to support a corrupt regime? Or do you want a government that reflects our neighborhoods? Do you want corrupt insiders to be rewarded for their schemes and backroom deals?

Come this November you won’t be able to hide. You will have to make a choice.