Report: Nan Rich Announces Bid For Florida Governor


Local Democrats reporting that FL State Senator Nan Rich has announced her run for FL Governor at the Broward Democrat Executive Committee meeting in Plantation.

Casinos Bet Big Money On Broward School Board Candidate Franklin Sands


Just last week, the Awake Broward Democrats crowned Florida House Representative Franklin Sands a “Middle Class Champion”. Well, the casino and gaming interests are betting big on this middle class champion, hoping he will “champion” their interests in Tallahassee. Sure, Sands is running for the Broward County School Board, but this week he is in Tallahassee for the start of the legislative session. The legislature will vote on a destination casino bill that would bring mega-casino resorts to South Florida.

Sands’ School Board campaign finance reports shows money coming in from numerous gaming interests, including the Genting Group. Genting is an Asian company seeking to build a casino in downtown Miami.

In all, Sands raised $33, 391.13 of which, $3,700 came from gaming companies. This comes on top of the big bucks the Florida Democratic Party was sending to a consulting company headquartered in Sands’ Weston home.

11-21-11 West Flager Association     $500

11-29-11 JGR Services                       $500

11-29-11 North FL Racing                 $500

11-30-11 Palm Bch Kennel Club       $200

12-08-11 Genting                               $500

12-20-11 PPI, Inc                              $500

12-31-11 Hollywood Concessions    $500

12-31-11 Hartman & Tyner             $500

If you ask Franklin we’re sure he will tell you he’s doing it all “for the kids”.

Marty Kiar On “Fair Districts” and Gerrymandering

The Orlando Sentinel talked to State Rep. Martin Kiar back in November about maps and redistricting:

“[Nan] Rich called it a ‘gerrymandered seat,’ saying it would have a better chance of electing a Republican than the current district.

‘Nobody went to the town-hall meeting and asked for a south and central Broward County to be linked with a majority Palm Beach County district,’ said Rich, who is term-limited next year.

Rep. Marty Kiar, D-Davie, who intends to run for Rich’s seat, said he doesn’t think the map would pass constitutional muster because of the Fair Districts prohibitions against intentionally favoring political parties and incumbents.

‘It almost looks like every incumbent is protected, and I just don’t know if that’s permitted under the new amendments,’ he said.

Kiar said regardless of what the map looked like, he still intended to run for a Senate seat that represented Broward County.

‘The Broward section of that district still has 150,00 folks there, and it’s something I’m still going to run for, regardless of what the maps ultimately looks like,’ he said.”

Senator Rich makes a good point; Did anyone show up asking for that tiny part of Davie to be included in Broward County Commission District One?,0,5685712.story?page=2