Awake (UP) Broward: Democrat Insider Barbara Miller Isn’t Part Of The 99 Percent

On Tuesday, Barbara Miller, the ultimate Broward Democrat insider, joined Awake Broward Democrats and the Occupy Fort Lauderdale crowd at their Awake The State rally in Fort Lauderdale. They held signs and sang songs bemoaning the “one percent” and Republican politicians as the root of all evil. Lots of “we are the 99 percent” chants […]

How Do We Stop Broward Corruption?

Spread the word. We have a weapon they fear the most–our vote. Stand up to these bullies and watch them run away.

January Elections: Get To Know Fort Lauderdale City Commission Candidate Michael Ferber

On January 31, 2012, residents in the City of Fort Lauderdale will vote for more than just a Presidential candidate. They will be picking a new city commissioner in District 2. The current commissioner is Democrat Charlotte Rodstrom. She has a Republican challenger in Michael Ferber. Mr. Ferber has served on several important city boards […]