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BROWARD GOP Reacts To BROWARD Term Limits Decision


Richard DeNapoli, chairman of the BROWARD Republican Executive Committee, provided this statement regarding the 4th DCA decision on term limits:

“In 2000, Broward voters overwhelmingly voted to impose term limits. I’m happy that the court stood behind the will of the voters. Now, we need to vote in new members on the county commission; Commissioners who will clean up the corruption. We are here to help any Republicans interested in taking up this mission to make Broward a better place for everyone.”.

Chip LaMarca Named Best Politician


The highly popular “Best Of” edition of the New Times has named Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca as “Best Politician”. LaMarca,a former Broward GOP chairman, beat Ken Keechl in 2010.

From The New Times:

“Boy, did the Broward County Commission need a bona fide Republican on the dais to offset the controlling — and incredibly corrupt — local Democratic Party.

While the public clamored for answers, the commission was silent — except for LaMarca. During one meeting, he had the guts to question what should be done about the AWOL commish. When he did so, Democrat Stacy Ritter, who for good reason is a target of the corruption investigation, gave LaMarca a stare as icy as a Chicago blizzard, and the other commissioners began tripping over themselves trying to defend Lieberman’s inexcusable absences. Guess what happened the following week? Lieberman finally showed up at a meeting — and many credited LaMarca with giving her the push she needed to get back to work.”