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Broward County Commission Powerless Against Jazz Hands and Sing-A-Longs (VIDEO)

The Broward County Commission shot down County Administrator Bertha Henry’s free speech ordinance. Ms. Henry told the packed Commission meeting that she didn’t want to limit free speech; She said they just wanted to know who was protesting. A surly Ilene Lieberman tried to impress the audience with her award-winning knowledge of Constitutional law. Lieberman critiqued the legal arguments of public speakers and had her attorney testify that no one would dare find a constitutional issue with her proposed ordinance. Ms. Lieberman’s performance was met with guffaws instead of “jazz hands”.

Attached is a musical interlude by one of the public speakers complete with “jazz hands”.

Bertha Henry

BROWARD GOP Reacts To BROWARD Term Limits Decision


Richard DeNapoli, chairman of the BROWARD Republican Executive Committee, provided this statement regarding the 4th DCA decision on term limits:

“In 2000, Broward voters overwhelmingly voted to impose term limits. I’m happy that the court stood behind the will of the voters. Now, we need to vote in new members on the county commission; Commissioners who will clean up the corruption. We are here to help any Republicans interested in taking up this mission to make Broward a better place for everyone.”.