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Troubled Former BSO Deputy Running For FL State House

"I'm Still Standing" By Raymond Hicks

“I’m Still Standing” By Raymond Hicks

Democrat Raymond L. Hicks wants to represent the citizens of District 92 in the Florida House. Hicks filed for the crowded race on Monday. Hicks, a former BSO deputy, may have a hard time explaining his troubled past to voters.

Hicks gained notoriety in May 2013 after posting videos on YouTube. According to published reports, Hicks made cryptic remarks about mass shootings. Hicks was taken into custody via the Baker Act after stating he did not want to be the “next Christopher Dorner,” a former Los Angeles cop who went on a killing spree in 2013.

“I’m asking you as a viewer who is watching this video to please, please, please help me,” Hicks said. “I went and bought an AK with 180 rounds and I told my mom, you might as well get in a black dress because I can’t take this anymore,” he said. “… I don’t know how much more I can take. I don’t want to be the next Christopher Dorner.

Reports claimed Hicks was upset Broward Sheriff Scott Israel did not rehire him. Hicks lost his job in 2000 after being arrested on Federal charges of operating an interstate cocaine trafficking ring. Hicks was acquitted in 2001.

Since then, Hicks has filed numerous lawsuits against BSO including one to get his gun and ammunition, which were seized during the Baker Act incident, returned to him.

For those interested in Hicks’ story, you may want to read his autobiography, “I’m Still Standing” available at Amazon.com. Calling himself a “modern-day Serpico,” Hicks writes, “I’M STILL STANDING is the story of a man whose idea of duty put him in conflict with the powers that be, and how he endured the injustice of false charges and wrongful incarceration, turning bad providence into spiritual growth.” Sixteen reviews give Hicks’ book 5-stars.

Boca College Kid Running Against State Rep. George Moraitis

Douglas Oberman, via Facebook

Douglas Oberman, via Facebook

A twenty-one FAU junior is running against State Rep. George Moraitis for a seat in the Florida House. Douglas Morgan Oberman, a Democrat, is running for the District 93 seat. Like most 21 year old college kids, Oberman details his life experience on social media.

Originally from Illinois, Oberman enrolled at FAU three years ago. Under “work,” Oberman lists “candidate for Florida House of Representatives.” According to his Facebook page, Oberman adopted a cat last year.

When Oberman posted a picture of his campaign flyer, a Facebook friend asked, “is this a joke?”

"is this a joke?"

“is this a joke?”

Oberman is huge Bernie Sanders fan. He took to Facebook after somebody scribbled a four-letter word on his Bernie Sanders bumper sticker. Oberman wrote, “I’m not mad at you for having your opinions against Bernie. I’m not mad at you for being most likely a conservative. But I’m disappointed in you.” (sniff)

In a University Press story from September, Oberman explained his fondness for Bernie Sanders. “I believe that if we want change, and if we want to send a message to Washington and say that they cannot mess with our rights as individuals to express ourselves and our full political and social potential, it’s time to send Bernie Sanders,” Oberman said. “If we want to say ‘no’ to big businesses taking away our rights, and ‘no’ to a corrupt campaign and finance system that allows billionaires to buy elections: Bernie Sanders.”

No word if Oberman will transfer to FSU if elected.

Doug Oberman, via Facebook

Doug Oberman, via Facebook

Doug Oberman via Facebook

Doug Oberman via Facebook