Chip LaMarca “Happy To Provide Google Map” For Opponents Who Live Outside District 93

Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca told REDBROWARD he would be “happy to provide a Google Map” with directions to his Democrat opponents for the Florida House District 93 seat. Why do Emma Collum and Stephanie Myers need a map to find District 93? According to voter registration documents and property records, neither woman actually lives in District 93. Serving first as a Lighthouse Point City Commissioner, then as a Broward County Commissioner, LaMarca has served residents of District 93 for nearly 15 years.

Republican George Moraitis, a Fort Lauderdale resident, currently holds the District 93 seat. Due to term limits, Moraitis is unable to seek another term. So why are Collum and Myers running for a seat in a district which they don’t reside?


Collum and Myers live in District 94 which is represented by fellow Democrat Bobby DuBose.

Neither political newcomer would stand a chance of unseating DuBose, so they have decided to play the residency game.


In April 2013, this reporter revealed Perry Thurston claimed to be living with a convicted felon in a small home in Lauderhill, rather than with his wife and children in the two-story home they own outside his House district. Broward County Property Appraiser records show Thurston owns a two-story home with his wife in Plantation in Florida House District 99.

Subsequent investigations by this reporter found other local politicians playing the residency game. The list included State Senator Maria Sachs, Rep. Lori Berman, Palm Beach Supervisor Of Elections Susan Bucher, Rep. Joseph Gibbons, Rep. Jared Moskowitz, Rep. Hazelle Rogers and County Commissioner Dale Holness.

According to Section 15, Article III of the Florida Constitution requires state legislators to live in the districts they represent.

By January 2014, the investigations by this reporter resulted in proposed legislation to force compliance with the Florida Constitution. Lawyers for the Florida House and Florida Senate released a memorandum outlining the Legislature’s authority to develop a “clear set of principles to evaluate the residency of its members in the event of a properly-filed challenge.” The Florida Constitution requires legislators to “be an elector and resident of the district from which he or she is elected.”

According to state records, Stephanie Myers is registered to vote at her home located in District 94.

State and local records show Emma Collum has never lived in District 93 since moving to Florida.

Records show Collum, a New York lawyer, has lived at three different addresses in Plantation. The City of Plantation is definitely not in District 93.

According to her campaign website, Collum and her husband, “reside in in Downtown Fort Lauderdale with their rescue dog Daisy.” Collum is registered to vote at a “downtown Fort Lauderdale” address, but the condominium lies with District 94 not District 93. (Records show Collum’s husband is still registered to vote at Plantation address).

Are no Democrats living in District 93 willing to run for office? Will Myers and Collum move into District 93 any time soon?

8 thoughts on “Chip LaMarca “Happy To Provide Google Map” For Opponents Who Live Outside District 93

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    Let us be honest. This fake residency business started with Robert Wexler when he was in Congress and NEITHER THE PRESS or THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY EXPOSED HIS FAKE RESIDENCY IN HIS IN LAWS AGE RESTRICTED CONDO while living FULL TIME WITH HIS FAMILY IN POTOMAC MARYLAND and going to Shabbos Services lecturing everyone what a joy it was to live in Potomac, Maryland n not hot, hurrican threatened South Florida surrounded by old Yettas in Century Villages!


  2. City activist Robert Walsh

    I think Chip Lamarca county is a hot one.First in my opinion i stated months ago he should stay put.He plans on running for state rep.I wish him well.Now that his county seat is open i stated to both losing ft.lau mayoral canidates to both Charlotte Rodstrom and Bruce Roberts that either one of them could capture this county seat.Another serious contender would be Jack Seiler.Come on guys one of you three should serious consider running.Now unto these above mentioned elected officals not living in their governing districts.They should either move or resign.I know there are plenty out there that do this.Alot of reporters , concerned citizens etc.have investigated thoroughly and proved alot of these subjects do indeed not live in their governing districts.Same thing with city ft.Lau Comm.McKenzie.Same he is under investigation with the SAO.Why the cuffs have not come yet, your guess is as good as mine.Yes.The cuffs should have been put on him months ago.So we wait.Oh your going, its just a matter of time when they put the cuffs on him( yes).So lesson learned here is if you try to dupe the residents it may take some time.but eventually the rooster eventually will crow…


    1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

      Commissioner McKinzie has NEVER been acvused of a crime. He won this election cycle 55%. Robert Walsh is not an activist but a felon hairdresser on medication gor mental illness according to two people on the Ft Lauderdale Dias. This is why decent people gave up on two other blogs – who wants to deal with a mentally ill felon?


  3. City activist Robert Walsh

    Listen here you smuck Count.#1 everyone hates you.Mckenzie is under investigation( verfied) to u can go to Hell.Your other statement yes i am a hairdresser.For the record i do not take any Rx.None.I am in perfect health for a man in his fifties(50’s).I could actually sue u for your comments .Since you are basically broke, why bother.I should spit in your face, again why bother.Go away..


  4. City activist Robert Walsh

    Wow Red Broward i got a call this am concerning Mr.Chadwick comments.They stated( vertabium) that statement concerning that im on meds for mental illness is was never stated on the dais.So The count here once again is lying for his desperate need for attention.What i didn.t like is his dig at mental illness.Even though i don.t suffer from depression and or mental illness i have several friends that do and its truly devasting for them.His dig was very insulting to them.This man is very troubling and have asked my Private i investigator friend to give me a detailed report on this Lee Chadwick.Will inform when complete.Shame on you old man..I don.t know what it is with this man.Is it loneliness.Is it desparity.Poverty.What?.He uses this Fort Lau if they are his family.Truly concerning.What he stated about comm.elect Steve Glassman was awfull.In your face sir- he won.Oh Lee went on and on Tim Smith would win, along with Bruce Roberts.Not only was Chadwick wrong but very inappropriate.Just like he stated all business owners on Wilton Drive were drug dealers.Yes, he stated that.Party is over with this blowheart.This new told by others will not be putting up with his theatrics.Go ahead stick up for Comm.Mckenzie.Bond him out of jail etc since.your so far up his ass.Cause without him all it takes is three to expell u from the chamber.Same thing with homeless activist Mr.Cox.Yes.Chadwick actions at the podium warrant this expulsion..I wish u well but if u continue i will pursue expulsion..Govern yourself accordingly..


  5. City activist Robert Walsh

    Correction i ts Lee Chudson.I was told this several times.CHUDWICK.C HADWICK.What these shows me for people to notify me about the correct spelling etc of your name states to me that you have offended many many residents to the point that they want me to initiate explusion of you.Yes.Im quite shocked you are disliked that much.Actually pathetic.And some of you you have to remind me about this crap on EASTER SUNDAY….



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