Is Hallandale Beach Mayor Keith London Still Working For Broward Construction Company?

On the 2016 Statement Of Financial Interests Form (finally) obtained by REDBROWARD, Hallandale Beach Mayor Keith London continues to list Lanzo Construction as a secondary source of income. On Monday, REDBROWARD revealed Keith London received income from the Deerfield Beach construction company involved in the ethical misconduct investigation of former Commissioner Anthony Sanders. On August 9, 2017, the Broward County Office Of The Inspector General (OIG) released its findings of its investigation into “allegations that Hallandale Beach City Commissioner and Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Director Anthony Sanders failed to disclose payments, that Palms Community Action Coalition, Inc. (PCAC) an organization which he voted to receive thousands of dollars in City and developer funding, made to him and his his son.”

In its final report, the OIG found, “Commissioner Sanders engaged in a pattern of misconduct that violated Florida ethics law, the Hallandale Beach City Charter, and the Broward Code of Ethics For Elected Officials.

Lanzo Construction was on a list of projects Sanders voted on which benefitted PCAC.

Two days after the Broward OIG report was released, Commissioner Anthony Sanders resigned.


An August 2, 2017 letter from then- Commissioner Keith London was included in the OIG report. Referring to items approved by Sanders, London wrote, “You will see my voting record and I felt this was important to include because the vast majority of time, my vote was no.” He continued, “I would appreciate if you include this information as part of your report moving forward. I request you note within the report that not all members of the City Commission\CRA Board Of Directors voted for the mentioned projects.”

(Not mentioned in his letter to the OIG, was London’s income derived from Lanzo Construction. Under secondary sources of income on his 2015 Ethics Disclosure Form 1, Keith London listed Lanzo Construction. The form was signed and submitted by London in August 2016.)

Twenty-two days later, Keith London signed his 2016 disclosure form listing Lanzo Construction as a secondary source of income.


Why did Lanzo Construction get into business with Keith London? He is not an engineer. Does London have experience in the sewer repair industry?

As REDBROWARD reported two weeks ago, Mayor Keith London has no problem working for developers. Campaign records show Keith London, Inc., a company owned by Keith London, received thousands of dollars in consulting fees from political action committees funded by Miami-Dade “mega developers.”

In 2015, developer Sandor Sher spent $70 million buying a large parcel of land in North Miami Beach. Laws in Miami Beach stated voters needed to approve Sher’s massive project. The Miami Herald reported that Sher created the “A Better North Beach” political committee to push his massive development project.

In October 2015, campaign records show A Better North Beach paid Keith London, Inc. $10,000 for consulting services.

Two years later, another political committee pushing development in Miami-Dade hired Keith London, Inc.

Campaign records show the “Building A Stronger Beach” committee paid Keith London, Inc twice in November 2017.

On November 3, 2017, Keith London, Inc. received a $456 payment for “parking, supplies and shipping.” One the same date, Keith London, Inc. received a $7,500 payment for “campaign consulting.”

In 2016, REDBROWARD revealed Hallandale Beach candidates received contributions from shadowy political committees funding by gaming and casino interests.

According to April 2016 campaign treasurer reports, Vice Mayor Michele Lazarow, a staunch ally of London, received $3,000 from the Village At Gulfstream Park, Gulfstream Park and Orchid Concessions. In October 2016 , Michele Lazarow recorded large contributions from out of state gaming interests such as Xpress Bet, Oregon Racing, Amtote of Maryland, and Monarch Content Management.

Just days before the November election, Michele Lazarow received maximum contributions of $1,000 from political committees created by lobbyist Evan Ross, another staunch supporter of Keith London.

On October 31, Lazarow received a $1,000 contribution from each of the following committees: Good Government, Public Service, and Progressive Principles.

Lazarow also received $1,000 each from the Ethics Matter political committee. This committee was funded by gambling interests.

Two weeks ago, REDBROWARD exposed one of Evan Ross’ political committees received money from a Hallandale Beach developer earmarked for Mayor Keith London’s re-election campaign.

In a telephone interview with REDBROWARD, Claudia Penas of CBV LLC said her company gave $5,000 to the “Good Government” Committee to help London.

When asked why they gave to Good Government, Penas said, “For Keith London’s campaign.” Penas became apprehensive when asked who requested the contribution. REDBROWARD asked if Keith London made the request.

“My attorney told us to make the contribution,” Penas said.

Keith London wants Hallandale Beach voters to support his campaign for Mayor. Hallandale Beach voters deserve answers before they cast their ballots.

Keith London has not responded to requests for comment.

4 thoughts on “Is Hallandale Beach Mayor Keith London Still Working For Broward Construction Company?

  1. Hallandale Resident

    “An honest public servant can’t become rich in politics.” — Harry Truman
    “The worst disease in the world today is corruption. And there is a cure: transparency.” – Bono
    Thank you Mr. Lauder.
    Please, continue digging dirt until “London’s Bridge Is Falling Down”


  2. Fed up in Hallandale

    These two are corrupt as they day is long, they shake down everyone that tries to do business in this city, especially developers, they usually send their slimy political operative as their bag man, wake up hallandale , vote these crooks out


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