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TGIF From Broward Commissioner Stacy Ritter


Have a great weekend everyone! Don’t forget to recycle!!!

Broward Toilet Humor? Stacy Ritter, Garbage Contracts, Anonymous Mail and Campaign Cash



Yesterday we reported that Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter (D-Dancing Queen) received a $500.00 campaign contribution from ALL STAR TOILET CO., LLC., a West Palm Beach-based company, on March 12, 2012.

On March 21, 2012, The Sun-Sentinel reported on Commissioner Stacy Ritter’s tirade over receiving anonymous mail regarding garbage contracts:

“Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter warned Tuesday that if she receives any more packets of information that are not signed by the sender, she will throw them away.

She says in this video, after her trademark railing about the media, that she did just that with a packet of negative news clips about a partner of Ron ‘Gatorman’ Bergeron who, with Bergeron, is seeking a contract for trash hauling in Broward, going up against trash giant Waste Management.

‘If you send me anonymous material, I will throw it away,’ she said. ‘Whoever has sent, whoever sent those photocopied articles to me, I can tell you I opened the envelope, leafed through it, there was no return address on it, there was no signature. I threw it in the trash. So, if you keep doing it, you’re wasting your postage. I’m just going to throw it in the trash. … I actually did recycle it. I actually did.'”

It appears the entire County Commission received the anonymous packet regarding Anthony Lomangino, owner of Southern Waste Systems. Again, from The Sun-Sentinel:

“The packet covers news media accounts of Southern Waste System owner Anthony Lomangino, and alleges that Bergeron ‘wants to bring the MAFIA and ORGANIZED CRIME’ to Broward. All the commissioners apparently got a packet. The news reports say Lomangino was forced out of the trash business in New York as fall-out to a huge bust-up of an alleged Mob cartel of trash haulers. Though Lomangino’s former company was a player in that market, he wasn’t among the many indicted.”

You may ask, “so what?”.

Good question. Ms. Ritter’s March 20, 2012 tirade appears to be directed at anonymous mailers asserting rumors as fact.

However, her financial report posted this week begs another question: Was Ms. Ritter using her time on the Commission dais to bash people who dared to question someone connected to one of her campaign contributors?

According to State of Florida records the managers of ALL STAR TOILET CO. LLC are Anthony Lomangino and Charles Gusmano of 790 HIllbrath Drive, Lantana FL 33462.

State records indicate the registered agent of Southern Waste Systems is…Charles Gusmano
790 HIllbrath Drive, Lantana FL 33462.

Official records also show that Charles Lomangino and Anthony Lomangino were managers at Southern Environmental Demolition LLC. Charles Gusmano was the registered agent. Records say the company was located at 790 HIllbrath Drive, Lantana FL 33462.

So many questions in Broward, so few answers….