Plantation Councilwoman Denise Horland Fundraising For Far-Left Candidates May Run Afoul Of Broward Ethics Code

Denise Horland, far left. Plantation Councilwoman Denise Horland did not properly disclose her fundraising activities for other political candidates as required by Broward Ethics rules, records show. In office since just 2018, Horland seems to have taken a page from Dale Holness’ playbook by supporting far-left candidates across Broward County including local Black Lives Matter […]

Unhinged: Rico Petrocelli Booed At Plantation Residents Forum An unhinged rant by Plantation City Council Candidate Rico Petrocelli drew boos from the audience at a forum Tuesday evening. Petrocelli grew angry as he recalled years-old attacks by Mayoral candidate Pete Tingom. Petrocelli claimed Tingom said he was “going to jail.” Petrocelli said Tingom “abused his family and treated me like crap.” Claiming […]

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Plantation Candidate Rico Petrocelli Putting Unwanted Campaign Sign In Resident’s Front Yard For weeks, a homemade Rico Petrocelli campaign sign hung in a tree at the intersection of West Broward Boulevard and SW 54th Avenue. But as early voting began, the sign came down when the resident decided to support Petrocelli’s opponent, Jesse Walaschek. The wooden Rico sign was replaced with the standard blue & white […]