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Plantation Councilman Nick Sortal Admits Lying To Sun-Sentinel About Racial Comments , Calls Reveal Of HR Complaint A “Distraction.”

Nick Sortal Claims He Was Being “Sarcastic”

Nick Sortal was supposed to start last night’s Plantation City Council meeting with the typical invocation. A few kind words, a remembrance, a moment of silence or even a quite prayer. Instead, Nick Sortal addressed a Human Resources complaint filed against him by a longtime City of Plantation employee. Last week, REDBROWARD broke the news of Sortal’s inappropriate sexual and racial remarks to deputy clerk.

According to an official City memorandum, Sortal and his wife entered the City Clerk’s office in May to file paperwork to run for Mayor. The couple entered following an encounter with popular incumbent Mayor Lynn Stoner. Nick Sortal told the female employee that the argument between Stoner and his wife aroused him. “My dick is hard for this,” Sortal said.

Then, the employee stated Sortal asked if another candidate was black. When informed the other candidate was white, Sortal said, “Oh good, Plantation will never have a black mayor.” During the HR investigation, Sortal admitted he made the remarks.

Sortal never responded to our request for comment.

Sortal did tell a student-run website at FIU that our report on the comments was “inaccurate.”

Sortal was even more direct in a subsequent statement to the Sun-Sentinel. Sortal told reporter Lisa Huriash that the penis remark was a joke directed at his wife not the city employee. As for the racial remark, Sortal said it is “a lie. That never, ever happened. I’m not that kind of person.”

A definite denial. Nick Sortal said he never made a racial remark. Sortal says anyone saying otherwise is a liar.

Case closed, right?



Last week, REDBROWARD revealed Nick Sortal admitted to making the racial comments in a bizarre email to City if Plantation HR Director Denese Edsall. Sortal included a smear against Mayor Lynn Stoner in the email.

The email came after Nick Sortal urged supporters to contact editors at the Sun-Sentinel to complain about Lisa Huriash’s story. REDBROWARD obtained an email from Sortal urging supporters to say the story was “inaccurate” and “incorrectly reported.” Sortal hoped the complaints would cause the newspaper to pull the story.

REDBROWARD asked Sun-Sentinel editor-in-chief Julie Anderson about Sortal’s pressure campaign.

“Yes, we stand by the story. [Sortal] complained to us after the online version posted so we reviewed his complaints immediately,” Anderson said. “Ultimately we didn’t see any issues and published it in print as well. We’ll keep reporting it as it develops, of course.”

Last night, before a audience of residents, friends, family, City employees, fellow Council members and the Mayor, Nick Sortal once again admitted to making the racial comments to the whistleblower. Sortal made the remarks in public, on the record and on video.


Nick Sortal started his speech at last night’s Plantation City Council meeting with another swipe at the media and whistleblowers. Sortal said “a lot of misinformation was circulated” after someone “distributed HR notes to the media.” Sortal claimed he would “clear up the facts.”

Sortal said it was “wrong” to make reference to the state of his penis to a female employee. He said he apologized to CAO Jason Nunemaker and vowed to never make similar remarks again.

As for the racial remark, Nick Sortal said the Human Resources report had “mischaracterized…support for greater diversity and public leadership.” Sortal said, “unfortunately, notes taken by an uninvolved third party…did not accurately reflect my statement or the sentiment I meant to convey to the City employee.” The “notes” were taken by top level City officials investigating alleged misconduct by an elected official. Hardly an “uninvolved third party.”

Sortal claimed he had many racial discussions with employees at City Hall over the last four years. He said he was “lamenting such a lack of diversity in our public offices.”

Then, Councilman Nick Sortal used an excuse almost as tired as the “I was hacked” excuse.

Nick Sortal claimed he was being “sarcastic.”

“I communicated this in a sarcastic and tone deaf manner and for that I am terribly sorry,” Sortal said.

Sortal finished by calling the outing of an HR investigation into his behavior a “distraction.”

Three times.

Three times, on the record, Nick Sortal admitted to making the racial remark, “Oh good. Plantation will never have a black mayor.”

But now he wants residents to believe he was just joking. He was being “sarcastic” while making bigoted remarks to deputy city clerk while conducting official business inside City Hall.

If he was just joking, why did Nick Sortal deny making the racial remarks to the Sun-Sentinel? Sortal told the reporter that the accusation was a “lie.” When Lisa Huriash included the racial remark in her story, an angry Nick Sortal launched a campaign to smear Huriash’s reporting in order to spike her story.

Why would Nick Sortal, a former reporter, do this is he was just being “sarcastic?”

Nick Sortal’s behavior during this entire time has been unprofessional. He called the whistleblower a liar. He called the Mayor a racist. He attacked the media for reporting the facts.

And Nick Sortal wants to be the next Mayor of Plantation?

Emperor Nick Sortal has no clothes.

Emperor Nick Sortal Has No Clothes

“MY D*CK IS HARD FOR THIS:” Plantation Councilman Nick Sortal Admits Making Inappropriate Sexual And Racist Remarks To City Employee

Nick Sortal comments on chances of a black mayor.

Plantation City Councilman Nick Sortal made highly inappropriate sexual and racist remarks by to a city employee sparking a Human Resources investigation, records show. REDBROWARD obtained a memorandum detailing the City’s investigation into Sortal’s remarks following a complaint filed by a high-level City of Plantation employee. While REDBROWARD knows the name of the employee, we are not naming her at this time.

The memorandum bears the signature of City Of Plantation Human Resources Director Denese Edsall, Ph. D.

According to the memorandum, the incident occurred last month when Nick Sortal filed paperwork to run for Mayor. Sortal, accompanied by his wife, told the employee about their “scuffle” with popular incumbent Mayor Lynn Stoner. Sortal said he exchanged words with Stoner regarding his decision to challenge her. Sortal said his wife, Robyn Sortal, also exchanged words with Mayor Stoner.

Then, Councilman Nick Sortal told the female employee, “My dick is hard for this!

Rhymes with “Nick”

Shocked by Sortal’s graphic comment, the female employee said he covered her face.

Sortal then asked her if anyone else filed paperwork to run for mayor. She told him yes.

Sortal asked if the person was black. The employee, a person of color, said no.

Sortal said, “Oh good, Plantation will never have a black mayor.

The female employee would later file a complaint with the City of Plantation Human Resources Department.


According to the memorandum obtained by REDBROWARD, City of Plantation officials met on May 23, 2022 to discuss the “protocol for handling the complaint” against Nick Sortal. Chief Administrative Officer Jason Nunemaker and Human Resources Director Denese Edsall conducted a telephone conference call with labor attorney Denise Heekin. City leaders wanted to determine the City’s responsibility and how to handle the matter.

According to the labor attorney, since Nick Sortal is an elected official, the City could not level any sanctions against him. She advised Nunemaker to speak with Sortal about the inappropriate nature of the comments and the fact that a complaint was made against him. Heekin said there was nothing else Plantation could legally do to Sortal.

Screenshot of City Of Plantation memorandum detailing Sortal HR complaint.


According to the memorandum, CAO Jason Nunemaker discussed the matter with Nick Sortal on May 24, 2022. The memo states, “Mr. Nunemaker spoke to Councilman Sortal who admitted to the comments.” Sortal said he, “did not realize they were taken as inappropriate as he has been speaking to [the employee] for four years and felt comfortable.” Sortal told Nunemaker he “would be more careful in the future.”

On May 25, 2022 another discussion was held with labor attorney Denise Heekin. She advised leaders to document the actions taken and to “document to a separate complaint file the actions taken.” Heekin advised leaders to discuss the actions with the female employee.

Later that day, a city official spoke with the female employee. The official told her that Nunemaker spoke with Sortal. Sortal promised to be more careful. The employee asked if she was required to deal with Sortal in the future. The City official said no.

The employee stated she understood what the City had done to address the matter. The City of Plantation official told her “If anything else happened she should let me know immediately.”

Last Friday, Councilman Nick Sortal sent a floral arrangement to the employee at her City Hall office.

Nick Sortal sent flowers to victim.

REDBROWARD contacted Nick Sortal for comment on this matter.

We wanted to know why Nick Sortal felt “comfortable” talking about the state of his penis with a woman not his wife.

We wanted to know if Nick Sortal regularly discusses the state of his penis with other City of Plantation employees.

We wanted to know why arguing with a female colleague made his penis “hard.”

We wanted to ask Nick Sortal why he asked about the race of potential opponents.

We wanted to ask Nick Sortal why he said “Oh Good” when told the opponent was not black.

We wanted Nick Sortal to tell us why there will never be a black mayor in Plantation.

We wanted to know why Nick Sortal sent flowers to an employee who filed an HR complaint against him?

Nick Sortal did not respond to our request for comment.

Nick Sortal has a history of unprofessional and inappropriate behavior at City Hall. And he wants to be the next Mayor of Plantation?

Stay tuned….

Reflections In The Acres Designed To Benefit Plantation Neighborhood

A property that a South American Drug Cartel intended to use it as a compound for their top lieutenants that was seized by the Federal Government is at the center of a new development fight in Plantation Acres, and their plan to launder money into the United States is still causing headaches for our city today.
You may have seen the billboards, yard signs and mailers about a new single-family home project in Plantation Acres peddled by a group known as “Reflections in Plantation Acres.” One group which has named itself “Save Our Acres” is opposing the proposed development. Obviously, city leaders and most residents want to be smart about any new development that comes into our community. Plantation must focus on the realities of today while keeping an eye on the Plantation our children will inherit.
So, the city and our elected officials find themselves having to sort out another misinformation campaign. Let’s be clear what all the Hubbub is about.


First, we are talking about one of the most interesting parcels in all of Plantation, a unique parcel off NW 4th Street, behind the multifamily developments and churches near the corner of Broward Blvd. and Old Hiatus Road. This property has remained undeveloped and consolidated for over 40 years for various reasons.
Prior to this, the property was owned by the South American Drug Cartel and Terrorist group known as the FARC or Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, who intended to use it to launder money and as a compound for their top lieutenants. The property was seized by the Federal Government and given as compensation to the victims of torture by the cartel. The plan platted by the cartel is not a real plan that would benefit our community.
TDON, owned by 17-year Plantation Acres resident and President of the Vintage Creek HOA Rob Stiegele, purchased the property from the victims of the Cartel.

Will this “Change the Acres Way of Life?”

Many have confused this property for the old school board property that borders Hawks Landing, but that is not this development. The property is presently surrounded by the highest intensity zoning allowed within Plantation Acres including Community Facilities (two churches, one synagogue and one preschool); and PRD-10Q (two condominium developments and one single family development).
Some out there say that this development will “change their way of life,” because Reflections is not a “rural” development and will allow more than one home per acre.
But contrary to Save Our Acres social media campaign, Plantation Acres is not all 1 home per acre. In fact, any resident looking at a map can see two multi-family condo developments directly adjacent to this property. There are also 1/3 acre lots in the North and South Acres, as well as several various types of properties and developments. This is the perfect area for transitional zoning of 2.9 units per acre, which is far from the highest density in Plantation Acres.
Still, some residents have the impression that Reflections in the Acres would be a high-density development including multifamily dwellings, but this is not the case.

Quality of Life Issues

The plan for Reflections in the Acres incorporates a new lake and the widening of an existing drainage canal, as well as expanded buffering over the current minimum code. There is no question that we need additional drainage and flood protection facilities in Plantation Acres. While the Reflections in the Acres project won’t solve all the drainage issues within the Acres, the interior water features and new drainage structures on the 4th Street and neighboring church to the south will provide significantly improved drainage within the area.
Reflections in the Acres will not allow additional septic systems for each of the new, proposed homes. The developer will run a new sewer main from Broward Blvd. into Reflections so these homes will be on the city’s sanitary sewer system.
It is also apparent to me that the traffic impacts of this project will be much less than what has been alleged on social media, and really of no significant concern to anybody who was here before “New” Hiatus was built.
The best choice for Plantation’s future?
We need to embrace a forward-thinking vision for our community that matches our city’s priorities in the future land use plan, while managing growth in a way that improves life for us all. Luckily there is a new group of residents who share this vision to keep our city vibrant called the Friends of Plantation Acres. All Plantation residents with a view toward smart growth that works toward solving community problems instead of putting it on the backs of all the current homeowners can join this group at http://www.friendsofplantationacres.com
It is this vision that will maintain the character of our existing neighborhoods while providing benefits to all residents.

Stay tuned for more….

***This is a sponsored post prepared by our staff writers with the assistance of our valued partners.***