Plantation Moving Forward Under New Management

Since the election, our city has made great strides. Yet when the City Attorney was picked from a fair and open bidding process after 40 years of a no-bid contract, one commissioner who wanted to protect her campaign contributors had the nerve to complain about the process. Only one tried to put her thumb on the scale by having the same “gadflies” and “insiders” make noise on Facebook and at meetings.

This commissioner and her “old guard insiders” are organizing behind the scenes to thwart the voters and bring us back to the bad ol’ days when the good ol’ boy system of nepotism and cronyism decided the direction of our city, not good ideas. They have decided the way to get there is by creating division and bashing and bullying the mayor via the same obvious proxies and lackies they’ve been using for years.

Open Letter To Plantation Mayor Diane Bendekovic RE: Scott Rothstein & Friends

Dear Mayor Bendekovic, How long will you allow associates of admitted crook and swindler Scott Rothstein to serve in Plantation government? Mr. Rothstein is naming names; While Rothstein’s word means nothing, given the severity of his allegations, shouldn’t you launch an immediate investigation? Especially in light of the individual’s role with families of the City […]