Another Costly Dan Lewis Social Media Epic Fail For Broward Candidates

Even though he’s being handsomely paid, Democratic consultant Dan Lewis continues to provide lazy social media for his Broward candidates. Last month, REDBROWARD documented Lewis’ ineffective Facebook posts promoting Broward Clerk of Courts candidate Mitch Ceasar. The former chairman of the Broward Democrat Party has paid Lewis’ companies nearly $14,000 during this campaign cycle. In fact, Broward candidates have paid nearly $65,000 to Lewis’ companies, STAR Inc. and JNAC Management & Consulting.

One would reasonably assume a high-priced political consultant would provide a state of the art social media campaign for his candidates. Instead, five candidates got the same exact Facebook post from Lewis’ social media team. The identically worded and sourced Facebook posts were made on Flag Day.

The long, wordy posts were copied and pasted from an online flag store. The only thing different in the posts were the graphics used. Although candidates shared the same pictures.

The identical posts appeared on the Facebook campaign pages for Mitch Ceasar, Broward Sheriff candidate James Fondo, Circuit Court candidate Doreen Inkeles, County Court candidate Rhoda Sokoloff and County Court candidate Brenda Di Ioia. Only Di Ioia has not paid Lewis or his companies. (Lewis personally “liked” the Di Ioia post)

To date, Lewis’ companies have been paid $16,855 by James Fondo, $7,764.60 by Rhoda Sokoloff, $13,502.73 by Mitch Ceasar and $8,116.75 by Doreen Inkeles.

Judge Kal Evans Describes Growing Up Homeless in Broward County

This True Broward TV interview gives great insight into Broward County Court Judge Kal Evans. In the multiple part interview, Evans candidly describes growing up homeless in Broward’s “Tater Town” and how that experience shaped his life.  Evans tells host Dennis Shumate how he dedicated himself to public service even while he was living on the streets.

Lea Krauss Keeps Kissing Up To Broward Democrats


Lea Krauss with Cynthia Busch and Travis Perron, right

Broward County Circuit Court candidate Lea Krauss keeps kissing up to Broward Democrats. Normally, one would expect a candidate to rub elbows and snap selfies with Broward Democrat insiders. But candidates seeking a seat on the Broward bench play by different rules.

Judicial candidates usually avoid purely partisan events unless all other judicial candidates are invited. Even then, judicial candidates excuse themselves before any partisan business begins. Last month, REDBROWARD revealed how Krauss’ kissing up to local pols brought her into contact with some of Broward’s scandal-plagued politicians.

Krauss bragged about her 150 endorsements from politicians and lobbyists like Steve Geller and former Congressman Larry Smith.

In June, REDBROWARD exposed the role Broward “political pimp” Vincente Thrower played in Krauss’ ill-fated fundraiser at a Fort Lauderdale “breastaurant.”

In Facebook posts this week, Krauss exposed her attendance at the Hollywood Hills Democratic Club Holiday Party.

The Club invited called the meeting a “kick off for the 2016 election” with Broward “celebrity public defender” Howard Finkelstein. There was a $7 admission charge to attend the party at the Orangebrook County Club.

On Facebook, Krauss posted she had attended a “joyous Hollywood Hills holiday party.” Krauss left of the “Democratic Club.” But the pictures she posted is filled with Democratic politicians and officials.

Krauss is all smiles with former Democrat State Rep. Elaine Schwartz. She’s grinning ear-to-ear with Broward (Democrat) County Commissioner Beam Furr. And Krauss definitely has the holiday spirit in a picture with Broward Democrat Party Chair Cynthia Busch and party director Travis Perron.

Krauss doesn’t seem the least bit concerned about running in these tight political circles.

Broward voters may have a different opinion.


Lea Krauss with Broward County Commissioner Beam Furr