Congressman Connie Mack Speaking To Broward GOP

US Senate candidate Connie Mack speaking to Broward Republican Executive Committee in Fort Lauderdale. Congressman Mack reminds crowd that a statewide candidate cannot win without a strong showing in Broward. Mack hit Senator Bill Nelson (D-Sleepy) for his unending support of President Barack Obama. Mack singled out the Keystone Pipeline mess; He said the pipeline […]

Jeff Atwater Announces He Is NOT Running For US Senate

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater announced he is not running for U.S. Senate. Here’s the statement he posted on Facebook around noon: “Friends, for asking and encouraging us to run as your candidate for the US Senate, thank you. Together we share an inspired vision for the future of America that is rooted in […]

Charlie Sheen Endorsed Connie Mack?!?

Nah, just an April Fools Day joke from the LeMieux campaign. Here is the email from “Charlie Sheen”: “Today, I am proud to announce the endorsement of my good friend Connie Mack the Fourth. As the Senate race unfolds and more is revealed about Mack’s colorful past, the more I like and identify with him. […]