VIDEO: Broward Mayor Dale Holness Called “Coward” & “Tyrant” At His Pandemic Fundraiser

Broward Mayor Dale Holness Here’s the video of a local voter calling Broward Mayor Dale Holness a “coward” and a “tyrant.” You can hear Holness telling employees to throw the man out. Video edited to give closer view of Holness and the controversial People of Principle PAC “black unity” card. Video courtesy of CallYouOut on […]

“TYRANT!” Voter Confronts Broward Mayor Dale Holness At His Lauderhill Fundraiser On Video

Dale Holness calls for help Broward Mayor Dale Holness screamed for security when confronted by a voter at a packed Lauderhill restaurant Saturday night. Amid new rules for social distancing and a curfew, Dale Holness held his fundraiser at a crowded Joy’s Roti Delight restaurant. A Youtube video posted by CallYouOut captured the encounter. According […]

New Rules? Curfew? Broward Mayor Dale Holness Hosts Fundraiser At Packed Lauderhill Restaurant

Mayor Dale Holness’ minivan Just days after announcing a curfew and new rules to combat spread of COVID-19, Broward Mayor Dale Holness held a fundraiser at a packed Lauderhill restaurant. The Saturday night fundraiser took place at Joy’s Roti Delight, a two-story restaurant complex with several large banquet rooms. Despite an outcry from our original […]