Dale Holness’ New Consultant—The Riviera Beach Commissioner Whose “Unarrest” On Domestic Battery Charges Lead To Resignation Of Police Chief

Douglas Lawson, left, at Mayors Ball with Dale Holness in June.
Video of Douglas Lawson
Douglas Lawson resume.

In August 2021, surveillance video captured Riviera Beach Commissioner Douglas Lawson dragging his girlfriend from a vehicle in a condominium parking garage. A camera inside an elevator recorded Lawson shoving the same woman. The videos were enough for Riviera Beach Police to arrest Lawson on domestic battery charges.

But hours later, Riviera Beach Police Chief Nathan Osgood ordered the “unarrest” of Lawson. Osgood fired a police captain who refused to remove any trace of his order to “unarrest” Lawson. Even though Lawson’s girlfriend refused to cooperate with authorities, Palm Beach State Attorney David Aronberg found their was probable cause to arrest the Riviera Beach Commissioner.

More than a year later, two investigations showed Osgood improperly fired Riviera Beach Police Captain Rochelet Commond. Osgood resign his position.

Lawson remains a member of the Riviera Beach Commission.

Holness Hires Lawson’s Company For $10K

The latest financial records for Dale Holness’ US Congressional campaign shows two $5,000 payments in June to Arete LLC of West Palm Beach. State corporation records show Douglas Lawson is a managing member of Arete LLC. Holness’ campaign states Arete LLC is a “political consultant.”

Dale Holness appeared with Lawson at the Mayor’s Ball in June.

Why is Dale Holness paying big bucks to a sitting Riviera Beach Commissioner?

Why is a sitting Riviera Beach Commissioner acting as a political consultant for hire?

Why does Dale Holness surround himself with people who run afoul of the law?

What do Holness donors think of the hiring of Douglas Lawson?

What message is Dale Holness sending to the women of CD 20 with the hiring of Douglas Lawson?

Dale Holness is running for the Democratic nomination for CD 20 against Congresswoman Sheila Cherfilus McCormick.

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