Tamarac Is “Out Of Control:”Sun-Sentinel Calls On Dale Holness To Denounce His “Good Friend” Marlon Bolton

“The city of Tamarac is officially out of control.”— Sun Sentinel editorial board

In a scathing new piece, the Sun-Sentinel editorial board is calling on City of Tamarac leaders to stop a $50,000 witch hunt to find a whistleblower at city hall. Commissioners Elberg Mike Gelin and Marlon Bolton (D-Bully) want to find out who told the Sun-Sentinel about Bolton’s plans to create lavish new perks on the taxpayers dime. The Tamarac Stooges want to pay an ally of Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness to interview leaders and employees to find the mole!

Citing video unearthed by REDBROWARD, the Sun-Sentinel is calling on Dale Holness to end this circus.

“[Bolton’s] World Outreach Church hosts political leaders such as County Commissioner Dale Holness, who in a YouTube video at the church fist-bumps Bolton and calls him “my very good friend,’ wishing him ‘many, many, many more years of service to this community.’”

Holness wants to represent Broward in Congress. We call on him, here and now, to denounce Bolton’s irresponsible actions.”

Silence will imply Holness’ approval.

Good stuff. Just wait until the Sun-Sentinel finds about another “good friend” of Marlon Bolton.

Stay tuned.

Dale Holness and Marlon Bolton at Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church

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