Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton Plays Victim, Lashes Out At (Female) Mayor Over Bad Press & Bullying Accusations

Feeling the heat from bad press reports, Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton (D-Bully) played the victim in an hinged email blast to residents and staff. Dubbed “Here’s the truth,” Bolton rambles on about his perceived enemies misinterpreting his bold attempts to save taxpayers money. Unsurprisingly, Marlon Bolton lobs his most vicious attacks on a female, Mayor Michelle Gomez.

Marlon Bolton writes Gomez and former Commissioner Julie Fishman were “hell bent on getting more money.” Bolton says Gomez “protected another Commissioner when she racked up more than $30,000 in taxpayer dollars for a car allowance whilst for a period of that time had no car but a bicycle by endorsing her re-election.” Even as he blasts two female colleagues, Bolton cries that bloggers labeled him a “misogynist” and “bully.”

Yesterday, REDBROWARD revealed how Marlon Bolton laughed as he told members of his church how he got revenge on Julie Fishman and consolidated his control of the Commission.

Then there’s the documented bullying of City employees by Marlon Bolton.

And his wife called 911 after he verbally assaulted at their home because she moved his indoor surveillance cameras.

And there’s the documented bullying of Michelle Gomez at polling places.

And there’s the police report documenting Bolton bullying former Commissioner Pamela Bushnell at polling places.

And there’s the personal attacks on Sun-Sentinel reporter Lisa Huriash.

But Marlon Bolton blames bloggers for labeling him a bully.

On Tuesday, the Sun-Sentinel called on Bolton’s “good friend” Dale Holness to denounce his bullying tactics at City Hall.

Will Dale Holness defend the women of Tamarac?

What about Marlon Bolton’s other “friends?”

Isn’t time for someone to ask them?

4 thoughts on “Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton Plays Victim, Lashes Out At (Female) Mayor Over Bad Press & Bullying Accusations

  1. Patti Lynn

    Perhaps the folks in Districtt 1 might believe this claptrap, but, I have my doubts. I watched YOU Marlon Bolton violate every rule possible at early voting. I watched YOU Marlon Bolton violating the 100 foot rule. I watched YOU Marlon Bolton actually pushing people aside to get to where YOU wanted to be along the edges of the sidewalk. I watched YOU Marlon Bolton yell at everyone who tried to ask for decorum and the following of the rules. I watched YOU Marlon Bolton, (on tape), give a “victory speech” as part of your “church” service, demeaning every tenet of Christianity by boasting, strutting, talking in a sneering & condescending manner about your opponent and others who had not supported YOUR re-election. If you believe that your behavior is a model for an elected official, you need to be re-educated. I believe that you are a disgrace to your elected office, a wart on the City of Tamarac government, and a poor excuse for a religious leader. May God have mercy on you and may the citizens of Tamarac do their utmost to remove you from office.

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  2. Concerned Citizen

    We had a President named Trump who was allowed to bully and sexually assault women..solicited porn stars and prostitutes, his wife a porn star allowed to be First Lady..he promoted and participated in white supremacy activities, committed countless fraud and incited an insurrection against the Capitol that resulted in police death and was still praised and got away with it..why can’t a black man do it too!!


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