BSO Deputies Responded To Tamarac Voting Location After A “Screaming” Marlon Bolton Threatened Two Women

Broward Sheriffs Office (BSO) deputies were called after a “screaming” Commissioner Marlon Bolton made threatening remarks to two women at a voting location last year. REDBROWARD obtained the BSO incident report which details Bolton’s responses after complaints were made about illegal signs and a tent on private property. One of the women was former Tamarac Mayor Pamela Bushnell.

According to the report:

BSO deputies met with Bushnell at “a voting poll site… when she observed personnel working for Commission Marlon Bolton at the site handing out political literature and placing approximately twenty (20) blue signs with Bolton`s name on them around the private property, on the clubhouse driveway, lawn, parking lot, and all around the back of the property. She politely advised the personnel installing the signs that the clubhouse was private property, that they did not have permission to post the signs, and that they needed to remove the signs from the property. A young man working for Bolton stated he would advise Bolton about the signs. [Bushnell] stated she went to the clerk of the poll site and advised him the signs were not allowed to be posted on the property. Additionally [she] stated the personnel working for Commissioner Bolton put up a blue tent as shelter at the back of the property under a tree without asking for permission.

[Bushnell] and the clerk went to speak with the young man. The clerk advised the young man…that they did not have permission to posts the signs on the property and needed to
remove them. The young man working for Bolton did not remove the signs, but instead, called the Bolton on his cell
phone, advised him he was with and placed the cell phone on speaker so [Bushnell] could speak with Bolton. [Bushnell] stated she recognized Bolton’s voice from several interactions she’s had with him in the past and from meetings that she has attended with him.
While on speaker phone stated Bolton proceeded to scream at her stating she better not touch his signs because if she did she would be very sorry. He demanded she better not even go anywhere near the signs and that he was warning her. She stated she politely tried to speak over Bolton’s screaming with him on the rules about the signs on the private property, but he just continued screaming the same statements repeatedly at her. [Bushnell] stated Bolton did not make any specific threats to do physical harm towards her. She stated the screaming went on for a while to the point where she became frightened and ended up walking away from the area shaking. As a result, [Bushnell] felt intimidated and decided to report the altercation to document the incident in case anything was to happen to her. She stated she was in fear for her quality of life due to the negative interactions she has had with Bolton on this incident and several other occasions. [Bushnell] advised she filed an Ethics Complaint with the
Inspector General on the incident the occurred and also notified the BSO Tamarac District Captain.”

BSO deputies also spoke with Nancy Major, an officer at the condominium complex where the incident occurred:

“Major stated she also had verbal altercation with Commissioner Bolton on the same day at the same listed
location at approximately 1000 hours. Major stated earlier in the day [Bushnell] called her upset and told her about the incident with Commissioner Bolton and the signs. Major stated she left … to go vote and noticed the blue tent was still up on the back of the private property with three (3) young individuals under it who were there working for Bolton. She politely approached the individuals and told them they did not have permission to post the tent and needed to take it down. One of the individuals angerly replied back to her stating that they were not going to remove the tent and that she should just leave them alone and allow them to do their civic duty. Around 1030 hours, Major advised Bolton pulled up to the back of the poll site in a black or dark blue Mercedes SUV. While he was sitting inside of his vehicle, Major approached him to speak with him. She politely advised him that the tent needed to be removed from the property. Bolton asked her how she expected his workers to work in the hot sun and screamed at her to stop harassing his personnel. Major stated he she calmly attempted to speak with Bolton and advised him there was no reason to raise his voice at her. He continued to scream at her stating she was harassing his personnel and demanded she leave the area. Bolton warned her to be careful playing this type of game with him because he could play it to. She stated she was going to call the police, but instead said she was intimidated by Bolton and just walked away from the area. As a result, Nancy stated she felt bullied and intimidated by Bolton and does not know what he is capable of doing towards her. could be documented.”

The report does not include any statement from Commissioner Marlon Bolton.

Some Bolton apologists may try to dismiss Bushnell’s claim as a political vendetta, but Bolton has exhibited a pattern of screaming and threatening women since becoming a Tamarac Commissioner.


In March, REDBROWARD revealed BSO deputies responded to Marlon Bolton’s Shaker Village townhome after his wife called to report a domestic altercation.

Carla Bolton told deputies she “got into a verbal altercation” with Marlon Bolton over surveillance cameras he installed in the hallway of their home. Mrs. Bolton told deputies the cameras violated her privacy. She feared hackers might be able to access the cameras.

Carla Bolton said she points the cameras at the ceiling when she is inside the home.

According to the BSO report, Carla Bolton “stated on the listed date and time, Marlon became upset that she moved the cameras and verbally threatened her that if she touches the cameras again he would kick her out of the residence. She advised nothing physical happened.”

Marlon Bolton refused to speak with deputies. The report states, “Contact was made with Marlon Bolton, who was inside the residence in an upstairs bedroom. He refused to speak with deputies on the incident.”


Earlier this month, REDBROWARD reported on the bombshell investigation which detailed bullying complaints made against Marlon Bolton by Tamarac employees.

In July 2017, administrative assistant Millie Velasquez worked on finalizing a travel budget report. She was being trained by her supervisor Robyn Thalenfeld. Velasquez told investigators an angry Marlon Bolton confronted her on July 10, 2017. She said Bolton was upset because he had the highest travel budget request. Velasquez felt Bolton was angry because Sun-Sentinel reporter Lisa Huriash was asking questions about the travel budget.

Bolton asked Velasquez to change the numbers in his report. Velasquez refused his “inappropriate” request.

Velasquez said Bolton became “threatening and loud.” In the presence of other employees, Velasquez stated Bolton yelled “you work for the Commissioners…I need you to do it right away!”

As Velasquez left to discuss the situation with Thalenfeld. She stated Bolton “followed her upstairs screaming… menacing, he made her feel uncomfortable and she was about to cry.”

Velasquez felt Bolton “was going to cause her physical harm.”

Other City employees confirmed Velasquez’s version of events.

Robyn Thalenfeld confirmed Velasquez’ story. She said Bolton “screamed” as he followed Velasquez upstairs. Thalenfeld said Bolton was “loud and demanding.” She described his behavior as “bullying.”

City Clerk Pat Teufel told investigators she heard Commissioner Bolton “having a loud conversation with Ms. Velasquez about travel. He had a very angry tone. He was derogatory and nasty.” She said “The City is weary from Commissioner Bolton….”

The report also details another controversy involving Bolton and campaign signs and literature.

In 2018, Tamarac City employees prevented candidates from bringing campaign literature into an event at the City aquatic center. The City prohibited distribution of campaign materials inside City owned facilities. Most candidates had no issue complying with the rules. Except Elvin Villalobos and Marlon Bolton.

A witness stated he told Elvin Villalobos about the prohibition on campaign material on City property. Villalobos was carrying signs and flyers into the voter registration drive. Villalobos said he spoke to the City Attorney who advised he could “do as he pleased.” Villalobos said he would call the City Attorney.

Fifteen minutes later, Marlon Bolton arrived on the scene. According to the witness statement, Bolton stated the employee “must not have gotten the memo” allowing campaign materials on City property. After employees made several calls to supervisors, City Manager Mike Cernech confirmed the prohibition still stands.

Bolton took out his camera to record the City employees. Bolton asked “are you stating to me that you are refusing to allow us to enter and hand out our materials?” The employee stated she would not answer questions while being recorded and walked away.

Bolton followed her.

Later on, that employee said Bolton pulled her aside and stated, “I used to like you but, now I don’t. And you and your employee and the City can expect to be named in a lawsuit on Monday.” The employee stated Bolton was attempting to “bully and threatened me.” As a result she called in sick on Monday.

But the most disturbing finding in this investigation was Bolton’s intimidating behavior towards Mayor Michelle Gomez.

Testimony from two longtime city firefighters described Marlon Bolton’s behavior while campaigning for Elvin Villalobos in 2018.

Captain William Duesler told investigators about Bolton’s behavior during early voting at the Tamarac library. Duesler said Bolton told a voter Gomez was a “White Jew–Don’t vote for her.” Another complaint heard Marlon Bolton tell a voter, “Gomez can’t even speak Spanish…and that she is a White Jew.”

In her interview for the investigation, Mayor Michelle Gomez described her encounter with Marlon Bolton at early voting. Gomez heard Bolton tell voters, “You can’t vote for her; She is a Jewish White woman who can’t speak a lick of Spanish.” Gomez told Bolton, “Yes I am Jewish.”

Marlon Bolton told investigators he was simply trying to provide information to voters.

“[Bolton] advised resident “our beloved Mayor is a White Jewish individual and only claims to be Hispanic because she spent two years in a Hispanic household,” the report states.

Bolton told investigators he “viewed his actions as a mediator versus an agitator insisting that Ms. Gomez tell people that she is a White Jewish female.”

Bolton said he “allowed” Elvin Villalobos to use his Hispanic heritage as means to get Gomez to tell the truth about her ethnicity. Bolton stated Gomez was not Hispanic simply because “she was adopted for a couple years by an adoptive father who was from Spain.”


Marlon Bolton’s intimidation campaign continued at Wednesday’s City Commission. Bolton and fellow Commissioner Elberg Mike Gelin repeatedly attacked Sun-Sentinel reporter Lisa Huriash for her story exposing a travel budget boondoggle. Clearly upset with the negative reponse from the story, Bolton and Gelin attacked Huriash by name. Gelin called it a “false news report” while Bolton implied Huriash lied about his comment on the story. Bolton called it “dishonest reporting.”

Bolton saved his harshest attacks for Mayor Michelle Gomez. Once again, Bolton mentioned her religion. Bolton mentioned her marital status. Bolton questioned how she paid for her car. Bolton claimed Gomez used “minions” to attack him.

“Shame on you,” Bolton screamed.

Then, Bolton warned Gomez to tell her minions to “back off.”

“Just let me remind you 2022 is coming,” Bolton warned.

Why does Marlon Bolton keep screaming and threatening women who disagree with him?

Why doesn’t Marlon Bolton scream and threaten men?

Is this how a pastor of church behaves?

Is this how Broward politicians behave?

Does anyone care enough to help the residents of Tamarac?

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