Plantation Political Newcomer Jennifer Andreu Funded By Far-Left Outsiders, Unions, Lobbyists And Activists

In a July 2019 interview, Plantation Council Seat 3 candidate Jennifer Andreu professed to be the stereotypical political newcomer. Andreu said, “I don’t have a political background…people don’t know me in the political arena.” But for someone claiming to be a newcomer, Andreu picked up the support of local leaders, Tallahassee lobbyists, unions and far-left activists and political committees. Nearly 75% of contributions to Jennifer Andreu’s campaign come from outside Plantation city limits, records show.

Andreu, a Miami-Dade Schools administrator, reported fifty-six contributions in June. Of those fifty-six contributions, just eight came from a Plantation address. Four contributions were made by Andreu or an Andreu family member.

In July, only ten of her thirty-three contributions came from Plantation. During her July 29th interview, Andreu claimed to be an unknown in the political world. Yet, she failed to mention a $500 contribution from Ramba Consulting on July 6th. If Andreu is such a political novice, how did she pick up a large contribution David Ramba, a well-known Republican lobbyist in Tallahassee?

In August, Andreu reported twenty-three contributions. Just six contributions to the Andreu campaign came from Plantation.

In September, only thirteen of Andreu’s forty-six contributions came from Plantation. The thirty-three contributions from outside Plantation read like a who’s who of far-left political committees, activists and lobbyists.

On September 10th, Andreu received a contribution from Barbara Miller, a longtime Democrat political consultant with close ties to former School Board Member Jennifer Gottlieb.

On September 14th, Andreu received a $500 contribution from the Broward Teachers Union (BTU).

Days later Andreu received financial backing from State Rep. Dan Daley.

On September 17th, Andreu received $100 from School Board Member Rosalind Osgood. The controversial Osgood represents part of Plantation on the School Board. Osgood recently supported changing the name of several Plantation schools due to the “racial connotations” of the City’s name.

Andreu received a contribution from West Park politician Felicia Brunson.

Andreu received a $500 contribution from Republican law firm Tripp Scott. This firm is heavily involved in lobbying on the State and local levels.

Jennifer Andreu received a contribution from Lindsay Pollard, the former finance consultant to Broward Mayor Dale Holness. Earlier this week, REDBROWARD exposed the latest endorsement card from a defunct political committee tied to Dale Holness. Jennifer Andreu appears on the “People of Principle PAC” endorsement card.

Other political committees supporting Jennifer Andreu include Ruth’s List, Democratic Womens Club of Florida, Fighting For Florida’s Future and the Alliance For Progressive Representation.

State records show Florida For All, Inc. is a large contributor to the Ruth’s List political committee. In September, campaign records show Florida For All, Inc made $300,000 in contributions to Win Justice, a political committee funded by billionaire George Soros.

Last week. REDBROWARD revealed George Soros’ Win Justice committee spent more than $6 million dollars in Broward County in hopes to elect a far-left wing State Attorney.

In September, State of Florida campaign records show Fighting For Florida’s Future gave $1,000 to Jennifer Andreu and $60,000 to the Florida Democratic Party.

In September, the Alliance For Progressive Representation gave $1000 contributions to Jennifer Andreu and Plantation Council Seat 4 candidate Keandra “Kiki” Fulton.

The Alliance For Progressive Representation gave $10,000 to Broward lobbyist Judy Stern, $20,000 to the Concerned Citizens of Lauderhill committee, $1,000 to Broward judicial candidate George Odom and $1,000 to Jeff Holness, the cousin of Dale Holness.

How did a political novice like Jennifer Andreu gain the financial support of progressive heavy hitters?

Why are far left political committees and lobbyists so eager to see Jennifer Andreu elected to the Plantation City Council?

REDBROWARD asked Jennifer Andreu. We will update if she responds to our request for comment.

1 thought on “Plantation Political Newcomer Jennifer Andreu Funded By Far-Left Outsiders, Unions, Lobbyists And Activists

  1. earcuffsblog

    Checking campaign records of ALL candidates shows significant contributions from outside of the municipality they run in. This does not even take into consideration the contributions made to Political Action Committees which a candidate does not disclose on their campaign finance report filed with the city. PACs do not report to the city or county, they report directly to the State of Florida and do not specifically identify for an individual candidate even if they are set up to operate to support of a candidate. Generally this is where the big money is, in PACs.



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