Since Kenneth Cooper’s bid to unseat Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis is not his first run for office, he should be quite familiar with the rules governing campaigns, right? Not so fast my friend. One of the basic rules of early voting is the line keeping candidates and volunteers a specific distance from the door of voting location.

When poll workers arrive before dawn, one of their first tasks is measuring 150 feet from the door of the polling place. The line is then marked with a sign and traffic cones. Any candidate or volunteer crossing the line is usually shamed by other campaigns to obey the rules.

On Monday, a Fort Lauderdale resident confronted Kenneth Cooper twice outside the Coral Ridge Mall in Fort Lauderdale.

She captured each encounter on video.

In the first clip, Cooper tries to blame a voter and/or security guard for talking to him in no man’s land.

In the final clip, a Broward Supervisor Of Elections worker tells Ken Cooper to obey the rules.

And this guy wants to be Mayor of Fort Lauderdale?