Dale Holness’ Campaign Guru Mocks Concerns Over Shady Political Committee In Late Night Phone Call

HUBRIS: exaggerated pride or self-confidence

The campaign “guru” for Broward Mayor Dale Holness is laughing at concerns about endorsement cards generated by shady political committees tied to both men. On Monday, REDBROWARD revealed the latest endorsement card from the People of Principle PAC, a Federal political action committee, angered local Democrat Party leaders. While the group continued to endorse mainly black candidates, the new card endorsed several Republican candidates including one who is a member of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC).

Just before midnight on Monday night, Omar Smith left a voicemail for REDBROWARD.

Did OmarSmith finally explain his role with shady political committees like People of Principle, or Stronger Together Florida or A Better Florida For All?


Did Omar Smith explain how candidates earned the endorsement of these committees?


Did Omar Smith explain why People of Principle and Stronger Together Florida have failed to submit the legally required campaign treasurer reports?


Did Omar Smith explain why Dale Holness keeps getting tied to these shady political committees?


So what was so urgent that Omar Smith made a midnight call to REDBROWARD?

Omar Smith wanted to laugh at everyone who thinks campaign finance rules should be followed by candidates and their operatives:

“[T]his is Omar. Give me a call back when you get my message. I read your last article and I would like to extend a very big thank you to you and ask that you continue highlighting the good work that we are doing in Broward County. Thanks.”

“Good work?”

How many election cycles will Dale Holness and his campaign operatives be allowed to meddle in with shady committees, phony write-in candidates and phony endorsements?

Who will finally say “enough?”

Yet again, the Broward Democrat Party is “rankled.” When will they do something to hold Team Dale Holness accountable?

When will The Florida Bar start asking lawyers and judges about their inclusion on these cards from defunct political committees?

This summer, one resident called Broward Mayor Dale Holness a “tyrant” at his fundraiser at a Lauderhill restaurant.

Merriam Webster defines “tyrant” as, an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution; a usurper of sovereignty.

When will Team Dale Holness be forced to follow the law regarding political committees?

Since Omar Smith thinks it’s funny, perhaps it’s time to start asking the candidates appearing on these cards.

1 thought on “Dale Holness’ Campaign Guru Mocks Concerns Over Shady Political Committee In Late Night Phone Call

  1. Mae

    This is not Jamaica we have rules he have benefited very well off America.Since he is so smart he need to go to jail the pure disrespect is profound and a disgrace.They have robbed this country.$350,000 stolen from our GOVERNMENT.His daughter said she will be running next pray it be running in Jail.



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