AHF Official Ran Dean Trantalis’ Campaign For Mayor

City records show the Associate Director of Community Engagement and Legislative Affairs for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) was the paid campaign manager for Dean Trantalis’ 2018 Mayor campaign. On March 13, 2018, Trantalis defeated fellow Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Bruce Roberts. But visitor logs show Trantalis met with AHF CEO Michael Weinstein before the election to discuss the group’s controversial 16-story development near the Rio Vista neighborhood.

Before the January 2018 primary, Jason King was listed as Trantalis’ campaign manager. During November and December 2017, King received more than $4,300 from Dean Trantalis’ campaign.

City lobbyist visitation logs show Dean Trantalis meeting with AHF representatives six times to discuss the project. On February 8, 2018, then-Commissioner Trantalis met with Michael Weinstein at J. Marks restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. The logs show AHF lobbyist Stephanie Toothaker attended the meeting. There is no mention of Jason King attending this meeting.

Trantalis met with AHF representatives five more times after his mayoral victory. The meetings were held at local restaurants in May, June, October and November.

According to a Facebook post, Jason left his position at AHF in May 2018. He is currently the Assistant to the Homestead City Manager.

Other social media posts document Trantalis’ close ties to Jason King. In 2016, both men ran on same ticket to be delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Later that year, both men attended an event at The White House.

Trantalis appointed King to influential City of Fort Lauderdale Committees.

Earlier this year, Trantalis and King attended the “March For Our Lives” rally in Washington, D.C.

Did Jason King ever discuss the AHF project with Dean Trantalis?

In a message to a constituent on Friday, Mayor Trantalis attempted to downplay his role in the AHF project. Trantalis said he, “Met many potential investors who look to Ft. Lauderdale and AHF is one of them.” Trantalis said he encouraged them to submit a proposal.

How many other “investors” had employees working for the Trantalis campaign?

Did Trantalis discuss Jason King when he met with Weinstein (King’s boss) in February?

Fort Lauderdale residents deserve answers, right?

3 thoughts on “AHF Official Ran Dean Trantalis’ Campaign For Mayor

  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    Big deal.Yes Mr.King was on Trantalis mayoral campaign.And yes he did work for AHF- Again big deal.And for the martini talk that Mayor Trantalis is in a relationship with King- none of our business.No big news here…


  2. City activist Robert Walsh

    Again big deal as im stuck doing bald fades here.A non issue.And if there is a sexual relationship between these two- who cares.My campaign is not about( when i do decide to run) this crap, crap, crap.im about issues not who is screwin who( and if that is true, which i doubt- its initiated by King than by Trantalis).Again im about issues facing Ft.lau.No dev East of Federal.Sin tax( 50cent fir every drink u pour goes to ft.lau).Pay raise for rank and file police.Take a walk with your Leap program( we r going to take back our city-over a million dollars for alot of these homeless Junkies to get free apts( no way).Residents will be heard.This is what im concerned about, not who Dean sleeps with and or him meeting with AHF.And so did every single commissioner besides Dean has meet with AHF..Bubble gum story…


  3. City activist Robert Walsh

    Boy some of u move fast( just got a call about my comments- thats fast – shows me alot of u r paying attention.I get it.If Dean did not disclose he meet with AHF then yes it shows some dishonesty or cover up.Saying u just forgot won.t work.Now if they move elections( ft.lau) to November i have an even better odds( u bet running all the way with this million dollars to give out free apts).Trantalis will never endorse election in November.But Glassman, Mckenzie and Moratis might over rule him( magic # 3).Speaking of 3.I will fo better with 3 candidates.Meaning Dean Charlotte Rodstrom and myself.Will see.No cheap shots.No Judy Stern.No PACS.No money from u land use attys.( which i like- huh Bob).Just the issues.So if Dean did meet with AHF and did not disclose than yes as the saying goes Houston we do have a problem…



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