Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Steve Glassman Appointed AHF Lobbyist To Important City Committee

In one of his first official acts, newly-elected Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Steve Glassman appointed Jason King to the influential charter review committee. As REDBROWARD reported yesterday, while Jason King, was the Associate Director of Community Engagement and Legislative Affairs for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) he ran Mayor Dean Trantalis’ 2018 campaign. The AHF’s controversial plan to build sixteen-story tower to combat “housing instability” has been dubbed “Trantalis Tower” by some local residents.

According to State and County records, Jason King was the registered lobbyist for AHF. When King made a campaign contribution to Steve Glassman on February 21, 2018, his occupation was listed as “lobbyist.”

February was a busy month for King and AHF.

On February 8, 2018, then-Commissioner Trantalis met with AHF CEO Michael Weinstein at a local restaurant. City of Fort Lauderdale lobbyist logs show Stephanie Toothaker, a land use attorney representing AHF attended the same lunch meeting at J. Marks restaurant. Did AHF lobbyist Jason King attend? Who paid for lunch?

One day earlier, Glassman reported two contributions associated with AHF. Glassman received campaign contributions from architect Margi Nothard and Debbie Orshefsky, another lawyer for AHF’s project.

On February 21, Jason King was elected to the board of the Dolphin Democrats organization. The new board promptly endorsed Steve Glassman for City Commission over former City Commissioner Tim Smith.

City records show Glassman spoke with AHF representatives three times since October.

As REDBROWARD reported, Jason King left AHF on May 4, 2018 to become the Assistant to the City Manager of Homestead. George Gretsas (a former Fort Lauderdale city manager) is the Homestead city manager.

But records show Steve Glassman appointed Jason King to the charter review committee for a term starting May 2, 2018.

With all the close contacts with AHF lobbyist Jason King, was the AHF project ever mentioned?

Fort Lauderdale voters deserve answers, right?

6 thoughts on “Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Steve Glassman Appointed AHF Lobbyist To Important City Committee

  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    Whats the big revelation here.Ok Mayor Trantalis and Comm.Glassman are Gay.So what.Then Glassman put Mr.King on the Charter Review.Ok – so.They can put anyone they want on these boards.Me personally i would do away with every one of these advsiory bd.Speaking of the Charter bd – nice he blew the meetings off both for Nov.& Dec.I like there recommendations esp moving elections to November.This is all going to be discussed on Tuesday.Again back to Jayson King what is with the witch hunt??


    1. Shitty Activist Robert Walsh

      Hey Walsh zip it. Politician’s relationship with a Lobbyist is fair game. Just because we live south of tunnel don’t mean we’re a bunch of bigots and rubes. Go away foolish man


  2. City activist Robert Walsh

    Shitty Activist huh.I called my gal pal at city hall.Ok.Mr.king was first appointed by Mayor trantalis when he was commissioner.All Glassman did was keep King on.U speak volume here .U r going about this AHF project the wrong way.Glassman is undecided instead of digging on King and implying Glassman is in on the take etc.u should be meeting with Glassman.He has the deciding vote.He can get Weinstein to scale back the units etc.No u try to out him( gay) and again imply he is shady.No way.Weinstein called u a bigot not Dean or Steve.I made suggestions.U discovery here in regards to Kings involvement amounts to nothing.Bubble gum.Im more concerned the Charter blew off both Nov.and Dec.The project will pass.Take my advice.Orherwise the bldg goes up in its entirety.And its really technically not in Rio Vista.Also your comm.Sorenson has the egg on his face.Being this huge homeless advocate, but not in my back yard.Sure apts for homeless etc in every other part of the city but Rio Vista- come on..Shitty activist( as if)..


  3. City activist Robert Walsh

    Again all Comm.Glassman did is keep Mr.King on.Mayor Trantalis put him on the Charter.All Steve did is keep him.Simple terms.Mr.King here was leftover fron previous comm.( trantalis).No big story here.Mr.King has no pull as to this AHF bldg at all.He is working in Homestead as an ast to city manager.Did Dean work his magic and get him that job- probably.That is what elected officals do.( not for u Robert no gravy job for u – u get stuck doing bald fades on these pushy Hispanic guys( all day long..Get this one guy told me to hurry up- imagine- i hate that haircut..)..


  4. Shitty Activist Robert Walsh

    Hi, I aM ShITty aCtivST Robe(rt) Walsh. I waNT peo-pell too think I am IMPORTANT! BuT I Am just A (shitty) activist who trollz local SiGHts


  5. City activist Robert Walsh

    Oh i get it.U don.t like a certain development etc so we call the mayor and commissioner names and attempt to berate them.And or what u do with this Jayson King who has accomplished alot at such a young age and made great connections.No, what some of u do is attempt to harass these people so u can get your own way.Take a walk.Shitty activist states.Comnents above just reinforce my desire to run for elected office to basically shut u up.Rio Vista residents comments like this give your neighborhood a bad name.U r better than this….Mr.Weinstein.Compromise scale back the units and make them bigger, say instead of 300 square say 400 square ft.This can work where everyone is happy.No we out the mayor and commissioner and insinuate that the mayor is some Sugar Daddy wheeling and dealing to get into some young guys pants( King).Give me a brake.Mayor and Comm.Glassman approve project with some modifications.Mr.Weinstein end the bigot comments and let your land use atty.handle this..



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