Is AHF CEO Michael Weinstein Forcing His “Twisted Political Views” On City Of Fort Lauderdale?

When he was just fourteen years old, Michael Weinstein joined a “group of activists occupying” a New York high-rise development. Weinstein and friends were opposed to the gentrification of their Brooklyn neighborhoods. Flash-forward fifty years to find the same Michael Weinstein declaring war on Fort Lauderdale residents opposed to his sixteen story building filled with nearly 700 “micro units.” On Tuesday, Weinstein, the CEO of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), held a press conference to blunt growing criticism of his pet project in Fort Lauderdale.

The damage control press conference was a disaster. Michael Weinstein repeatedly interrupted members of the media and the public who dared to ask questions. Weinstein repeatedly threatened to shut down the event if people kept asking questions. He even threatened to “count to five” if this reporter asked a follow up question.

Instead of forging a compromise, Weinstein declared war on the residents of Fort Lauderdale. Weinstein said, “We are as capable of waging a fight as anyone because People living with AIDS have face more discrimination and more hate than any other group.”

When asked about putting the project in a less residential area, a snarky Weinstein said, “Further from Rio Vista, is that what you’re saying? Further from the wealthy communities?”


The class warfare lingo used at the AHF press conference is nothing new for Michael Weinstein. According to an April 2017 exposé in the New York Times Magazine, Michael Weinstein’s an “ex-Trotskyite” who founded one of California’s first gay communist organizations. After his move to Los Angeles in 1972, Weinstein started the “Lavender And Red Union.” In 1977, a socialist newspaper reported the Lavender And Red Union, “a self-proclaimed “communist’ gay liberation group…recently embarked upon a cautious ideological turn toward Trotskyism.” The socialist paper said the group’s call for a “permanent revolution” was “a clear break with the Stalinist/Maoist/New Left milieu from which we emerged.”

Months later, the same socialist newspaper claimed Weinstein’s group betrayed the gay liberation movement. According to the report, “About 85 conference attendees witnessed the pitiful and ironic spectacle of the [Lavender And Red Union] majority members vilifying their own gayness and past struggles in order to fuse with the notoriously anti-gay and anti-feminist Spartacist League.”

Weinstein went on to become an editor for “Young Spartacus,” the official newspaper of the Spartacist League. Throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s, Young Spartacus produced the typical pro-Communist screeds. Headlines of the Young Spartacus blasted US attempts to undermine the Soviet Union or Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini, while other stories praised unions and left-wing political groups.

By the late 1980s, Weinstein’s activism turned to the growing AIDS crisis. According to the NYT Magazine, Weinstein’s AHF, Inc. currently has a $1.4 billion dollar budget equaling the budget of Planned Parenthood.


As he explained in his opening statement on Tuesday, Michael Weinstein sees his Fort Lauderdale project as a “moral issue.” Yet his remarks were filled with the political language of an experienced communist newspaper editor. He said, Will Fort Lauderdale…and these other communities of great wealth, continue to be places that are hospitable to people of low income or will these cities become, in essence, rich ghettos.”

Weinstein said he would continue to oppose development in Los Angeles. He said, “We have been against granting exemptions to luxury development in working class areas.”

Weinstein mocked residents who opposed his project because, “I see cranes everywhere. If the drawbridge goes up as soon as it involves poor people, it doesn’t speak well for the community.” He said, “Why is the luxury building going up? I see them everywhere.”

Despite statements that the development will not exclusively cater to those living with HIV/AIDS, Weinstein tried to paint the opposition as bigots. He repeatedly said residents referred to not wanting “those people” living nearby. Weinstein refused to give specifics.


According to activist Peter Staley, a Weinstein critic, AHF’s noble mission to help those with HIV/AIDS is hurt by Weinstein’s political agenda. Staley told the New York Times Magazine, “A.H.F.’s problem is that once it created the largest AIDS empire on the planet, it started using that power for nefarious purposes: Michael Weinstein’s twisted political views.”

Is Michael Weinstein waging class warfare on Fort Lauderdale’s “wealthy” neighborhoods? He openly mocks Rio Vista residents.

Who’s next? Victoria Park? Idelwylde? Coral Ridge?

Will Fort Lauderdale leaders allow Michael Weinstein to morph Fort Lauderdale into Los Angeles or San Francisco?

Did Weinstein discuss his “twisted political views” in his meetings with Mayor Dean Trantalis and Commissioner Steve Glassman?

5 thoughts on “Is AHF CEO Michael Weinstein Forcing His “Twisted Political Views” On City Of Fort Lauderdale?

  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    Well First this apt.tower that Mr.Weinstein is proposing will pass.Read the tea leaves.U will have Mayor Trantalis, Comm.Mckenzie( i stand correct from previous- there will be no criminal charges against u)& lastly who is declared undecided will vote yes, this being Comm.Glassman.Magic number 3.U will have Comm.Sorenson and Moratis( whats this im hearing u a few months ago asked Legal in regards to inquiring about a leave of absence from the dais to address personal issues u r experiencing- there is no leave of absence- u simply don.t show up- u r an elected off.go to meetings, don.t go etc then good luck running for future off- your loyalty and oath u took is to the district constituents- no leave of absence).So there is the math.Mr.Weinstein will get his housing building.Who is in a quigmeier is Comm.Sorenson( which i emailed) u r this champion for the homeless and with your Leap program( landlords to be compensated market value to rent to the homeless( your neighbors r telling me thanks alot- power of the purse- is the.only insentive($)( be careful some landlords that r just in it(leap) for the money if u r classified as a Slum- Lord by these neighbors that will be adjacent( close) to these Leap apts etc have no concern if the objective is just the city, county ( Leap checks) to keep those rent checks coming, again have no fear cause we will fight back with code enforecement, bldg.inspector ( both county and city($) and i will make sure any money u do make u will pay back double through these agencies.So residents in Rio Vista u have Comm.Sorenson stating on your behalf oh no no AHF bldg in our neck of the woods but its ok for Sorenson with his Leap program but just not in his backyard…( Mr.Weinstein take note)….U will prevail…..


  2. City activist Robert Walsh

    Ps.U certainly don.t live in a home etc with less than 300 sq.ft huh Mr.Weinstein.Goggle i believe Artictuural Digest Micheal Wenstein digs in LA county.Wow..Just to be fair to all sides here Mr.Weinstein has made a fortune with his AHF foundation.Im talking millions huh Mike.Millions.Check out his house.He gives really swanky cocktail hours at this mansion.Wait till u see it.LA county…


  3. City activist Robert Walsh

    Some of u that called last night and this am regarding Weinstein digs in LA county that was showcased in Architectural Digest.What i tell u.Wow.Huh?.Not bad for a non- profit.One suggestion to Mr.Weinstein less is more.Let your land use atty.Stephanie Toothacker run the show.Enough with the name calling.At this public pow wow with u calling the residents in that area bigots was doing yourself no good.I know the thinking is screw them if i don.t get my bldg.i will sue.To a point sir.Go easy.My other recommendation etc.Make the apts bigger with less units.U got to give in a little- come on.And all this drama with Mayor Trantalis and former AHF employee & Trantalis campaign manager Jayson King.Its nothing.And some of u r wrong with your fodder.Mr.King( as much as he would like) is not in an intimate relationship with Dean.King goes with another guy( Andy) who is on the 8th floor helping out with the phones etc.That is who King goes with not Dean.Besides now that u got the martini talk, who cares.Give u a piece of advice Dean prefers blondes..Anyhow u get more flies with honey, than sour vinegar Mr.Weinstein.Take it easy.Get to cocky and u will not get the 3 votes u need.Also technically this proposed not even in Rio Vista its more Downtown.Its on the other side of Federal.Its not like its in your backyard guys( Rio Vista).Play nice Mike and u will get your AHF bldg….


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