Is AHF CEO Michael Weinstein Forcing His “Twisted Political Views” On City Of Fort Lauderdale?

When he was just fourteen years old, Michael Weinstein joined a “group of activists occupying” a New York high-rise development. Weinstein and friends were opposed to the gentrification of their Brooklyn neighborhoods. Flash-forward fifty years to find the same Michael Weinstein declaring war on Fort Lauderdale residents opposed to his sixteen story building filled with […]

Broward’s Own Communist Candidate Publishing (Another) Manifesto

Stanley Blumenthal, Broward’s (only?) communist congressional candidate, is set to publish another full-page in the South Florida Sun Sentinel and The Miami Herald. “Comrade” Blumenthal sent us an email announcing the very expensive ad will run on Tuesday September 18. Perhaps word hasn’t reached local commies that no one reads the paper anymore. Blumenthal, a […]

“Comrade” Blumenthal Issues Full-Page Manifesto In Sunday Papers

“Comrade” Stanley Blumenthal took his “independent socialist” message to the newspapers on Sunday buying full page ads in the South Florida Sun Sentinel and The Miami Herald. Blumenthal, an NPA candidate for US Congress District 25, wrote about the economic threat posed by communist China, urged Americans to by “patriotic” T-bills and warned that neither […]