Broward Republican Chairman Heads Delegation To Trump White House

Last Wednesday, Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) Chairman Robert Sutton met with White House officials to discuss how local Republicans can help further the agenda of President Donald Trump. The delegation included Sutton, his wife Teresa, BREC Vice Chair Celeste Ellich, SWBRO President Jay Narang and Republican Party of Florida Director of Party Development Brooke Renney. (This reporter also attended the meeting with The White House Office of Political Affairs). In addition to the meetings, the Broward delegation received tours of The White House, the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, the Rayburn House Office Building, the Longworth House Office Building, and the U.S. Capitol Building.

With the assistance of Senator Marco Rubio, Congressman Brian Mast and Congressman Ron DeSantis, the Broward Republicans were able to watch the U.S. Senate debate the repeal of Obamacare from the Senate gallery. From the House of Representatives gallery, members of the Broward delegation witnessed Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Out Of Touch) declare her opposition to an important defense spending bill. But the real highlight of the trip came when First Lady Melania Trump greeted Chairman Sutton and the other Broward Republicans. You can view highlights of trip by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Broward Republican Chairman Heads Delegation To Trump White House

    1. Tom Lauder Post author

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