Broward Republican Chairman Robert Sutton Takes On Trump Protestors On Channel 10 “This Week” Show

Broward Republican Party Chairman Robert Sutton challenged Donald Trump protestors to channel their energy into helping the less fortunate during an appearance on the WPLG Channel 10 Sunday news program, “This Week In South Florida.” Hosts Michael Putney and Glenna Milberg discussed the protests with Sutton, Miami activist Ksen Golovkina, and undocumented immigrant protestor Saul Aleman of Homestead. Milberg described Chairman Sutton as a “Trump supporter from front to back.”

Sutton urged the young protestors to “make a true positive impact by helping people.” When asked if he supported the right to protest, Sutton said, “the largest protest took place on Election Day. [Trump] won.” Sutton said Trump and his supporters were unified in their fight against Democrats, the Clinton Machine, the Media and a few Republicans.

Sutton said he met a “courageous and humble Trump” during the campaign. He said Trump will “represent all of the people.”

Sutton turned the tables on the protestors. He asked, “Are you afraid of me? I’m listening to you.” Aleman could not answer when Sutton asked what he steps he has taken to fix his undocumented status. Aleman organized last week’s high school protests in Homestead.

“America is the greatest country God has ever brought forth,” Sutton said. “Republicans believe in freedom of speech…but people want to feel safe.” He said Republicans want “freedom for everyone.”

Sutton is running for re-election as Broward Republican Party Chairman on December 5th.

Watch the full show by clicking here.




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