Controversial YAA Curator Posts Picture Of Art Depicting Nude Children On Social Media

The curator of the Young At Art (YAA) children’s museum posted a photograph of artwork depicting nude children on one his social media accounts. Zack Spechler, son of YAA CEO/founder Mindy Shrago, posted the photograph of Jeff Koons’ “Naked” on his Instagram account. The sculpture presents a realistic depiction of a naked boy and girl.

The sculpture is so controversial, some media outlets censor pictures of the artwork. The genitals of the prepubescent children are clearly visible in Spechler’s photograph.


As REDBROWARD previously reported, Spechler and Shrago are no strangers to controversial artwork. Spechler’s Bedlam Lorenz Assembly (BLA) program at YAA presented an x-rated show featuring naked men and women in various sex acts. Photographs and videos documented the attendance of young children at the exhibit.

Spechler posted the picture just days after the Broward County Commission agreed once more to rework its financial deal with YAA. This latest deal comes after YAA sued the commission over fears the county would take control away from Shrago and Spechler. Several commissioners were troubled by the risqué art associated with the Davie museum.

Why would anyone caught up in a controversy over hyper sexualized art exhibits post a picture of Koons’ artwork? Was this one last poke in the eye at outgoing Broward County Commissioners? Spechler’s follow up Instagram post is a picture of himself recruiting student volunteers for YAA at Cypress Bay High School in Davie.

What would teenagers and their parents think if they saw the Koons’ sculpture?



1 thought on “Controversial YAA Curator Posts Picture Of Art Depicting Nude Children On Social Media

  1. Angry mom

    I am going to inform any schools that will listen, especially my kids school-that there shouldn’t be field trips there. It’s disgusting.



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