“Happy” Young At Art CEO Mindy Shrago Asked About X-Rated Art Tied To Children’s Museum

Following last week’s Broward County Commission meeting, REDBROWARD asked Young At Art CEO/founder Mindy Shrago about the racy x-rated art tied to the controversial Children’s Museum in Davie. Before walking away with YAA Chairman David Di Pietro, Ms. Shrago said she was “happy” with everything going on. Di Pietro and Shrago are desperately trying to work out another financial deal with the County Commission.

REDBROWARD has reported on hyper sexualized exhibits produced by Shrago’s children. According to an independent consultant, her children, Ali and Zack Spechler, have been paid by the museum to curate exhibits. Some exhibits featured naked men and women and peep shows. One series of videos shows a topless Ali Spechler cheering as Mindy Shrago hits a Donald Trump piñata.

Yesterday, REDBROWARD revealed Zack Spechler, a substitute high school teacher, posted a picture of a controversial sculpture on his Instagram page. The photograph of Jeff Koons’ “Naked” sculpture was posted days after the County Commission meeting. Koons’ sculpture depicts two nude prepubescent children.



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