Lauderdale Anti-Trump Protestor Rioted At 2004 RNC Convention

Following her arrest at Sunday’s anti-Trump protest in Fort Lauderdale, Marah Lieberman wants to play the victim. She claims police mistreated her and falsely claimed she attacked pro-Trump folks. According to The New Times, Lieberman claims she was yelling a people chanting “build the wall.”

“I didn’t put my hand on anybody. I didn’t touch anybody. I was just shouting,” Lieberman told New Times after posting bond Monday evening. “I got tackled on the ground. My back hurts, my wrists are sore, and my thumbs are still numb.”

Video of the arrest shows a handcuffed Lieberman refusing to stand up and walk to a police car. Lieberman yelled for a lawyer.

Her Facebook page shows Lieberman is no stranger to street protests. She posted a picture from the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City.

In the photo, Lieberman has her mouth and face covered while running in the street. Other covered protesters appear to be running from a parade float on fire.

She added the caption, “Here is a flashback to me in 2004 RNC NYC! Let’s get a revolution started this year everyone!”


The Hello FL news site uncovered this picture of Lieberman tearing up a Trump sign at another rally in 2016. So much for being a “victim.”


3 thoughts on “Lauderdale Anti-Trump Protestor Rioted At 2004 RNC Convention

  1. NormB

    Rioting (aka “protest”) is a growth industry in America. I wonder if there’s a community college level program or if this requires a Bachelor’s degree in some soft “science” like psychology or womens’ studies?


  2. Marah Lieberman (Rode)

    Wow! Well you get an A for stalking. I have reported it in the past and if you don’t leave me alone I will report you! Creep! How the fuck did you get on my facebook page anyways. I wish there would be a revolution and no I wasn’t prepared to start one that night nor did I have a plan to as I was tackled by police in my yoga sandles! I now have permanent injuries. I am filing my own charges against the park worker I was assigned to for community service hours do to this arrest. He is a perverted right winger just like you are and sexually harassed me for four hours even forcing me to look at his penis. It is nothing that I haven’t already been through in the past being a domestic violence and rape victim in this fabulous state full of misogyny! Your blog is pathetic and so are you. If you looked into my career more you would know that I am a foster care worker, a certified nurses aid, a non-profit fundraiser. I am also an actress and singer who has won the award for Best Due Musical in the State Thespian competition in 2001. I am a graduate of Michael M Krop Senior HighSchools Magnet program and I sang the national anthem for the inauguration of that school. I was in every performance they put on! I think if you examined my history further you would find that I am serious about a revolution one in which I rid the world of scum like you and I am proud of it! Your blog is as pathetic as you are! Get a life and get off my facebook page!



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