Brenda Snipes’ Friends Deny Her Opponent Chance To Speak At Public Candidate Forum

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Dave Brown, Democrat candidate for Broward County Supervisor of Elections, was denied an opportunity to speak at the Women Of Color Empowerment Institute Candidate Forum even though his opponent was given a prominent speaking role. Brown is challenging Brenda Snipes, the current Supervisor of Elections. The Women of Color group was organized by Snipes’ legal counsel, Burnadette Norris-Weeks. Snipes is a member of the Women of Color group.

In an exclusive interview with REDBROWARD, Brown said organizers denied him a speaking opportunity because the Supervisor of Elections race was not on the agenda. Snipes was on the agenda. She spoke more than two minutes about the upcoming elections. Her speech was recorded by Fred Bellis, another high ranking official who works for Snipes.

Making Snipes’ bush league move even more troubling, the public forum was held in a library owned by Broward taxpayers.

Broward deserves a Supervisor of Elections who does not play games with public forums. We deserve a Supervisor of Elections Office that protects free speech and welcomes debate.


1 thought on “Brenda Snipes’ Friends Deny Her Opponent Chance To Speak At Public Candidate Forum

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    This PUBLIC LIBRARY has long been given over to out and out RACIST ANTI-WHITE RUBBISH. Whether this group was private and therefore had the right to decide their own rules is just a hiccup to the RACIST junk that comes out this center of barely literate nonsense. My fellow Democrats have long abandoned enforcing NON PROFITS CANNOT BE INVOLVED IN POLITICS. Look at the source of income of Broward’s n places like New York City – non profits playing the system by using non profits as Democratic party instruments. This is just a little peak at a huge outrage and serial misuse of a PUBLIC facility.



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