“G-Funk” Running For Broward County Commission

Gervan Moise wants to be the Democrat candidate for the Broward County Commission District seat currently occupied by Dale Holness. On Tuesday, the Haitian-born actor/singer announced his campaign on his Facebook. Moise, who goes by several nicknames including “G-funk” and “G-Money,” said he wants to make a difference.

Moise wrote, “When you want to make a difference in your community. So you run for office. I am a Broward County Commissioner candidate. Took me a while but I got my name in the hat. It’s Time to make a change. I’m going to need your help Facebook.”

Sounds great, but just one problem: Moise doesn’t live in District 9. In his campaign paperwork filed with the Broward Supervisor of Elections office, Moise claims to be living in Sunrise. Moise’s district is represented by Broward County Mayor Martin Kiar.

Oh who are we kidding? Nobody cares about residency laws in Broward County. 

Best of luck, G-Funk!

Moise told his Twitter followers he was always “weeded.”

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