Dan Lewis & His Bag Of (Fake) Social Media Tricks?

The Sun-Sentinel reports Broward Democrat consultant Dan Lewis used stock photographs in Facebook posts for Broward Sheriff candidate James Fondo. The post, showing a diverse group of citizens, is meant to fool voters about Fondo’s appeal to Democrat voters. The Sun-Sentinel reported, “The shot… shows men and women of all skin shades. Someone commented ‘Love this cover photo! Diversity!!!!'”

“Dan Lewis is running Fondo’s campaign, so we can credit him with the stock photo work,” wrote Brittany Wallman.

Earlier this month, REDBROWARD exposed Lewis’ lackluster Facebook post supporting Broward County Clerk of Courts candidate Mitch Ceasar. The May 1st post on Lewis’ personal Facebook page urged friends to “like” Ceasar’s campaign page. As of today, Ceasar has paid nearly $14,000 to companies owned by Dan Lewis.

The Fondo stock photo mess isn’t the first time Lewis has used phony social media posts. Last year, Lewis posted a fake news clip “exposing” use of Medicaid funds to throw lavish parties.

Lewis shared the fake news story on his Twitter account and uploaded the clip to his YouTube channel. It’s unclear if Lewis paid for the creation of the news clip.

The clip attacked a gala hosted by the South Florida Community Care Network (SFCCN). According to a press release, Lewis is a champion for exposing issues at the SFCCN.

“Concerns of questionable expenses and price disparity have also been raised by local columnists Dan Lewis and Pulitzer Prize winner, John DeGroot, whose websites feature the latest information regarding monopolization and misuse of public funds.”

It’s not hard for someone to produce and upload video to YouTube. So why did Lewis resort to using a strange European outfit to produce this hit piece? Someone ask him, he won’t return our calls.

If you’re interested, the same fake news host and graphics are used to sell other products including car repair services.

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