Miami-Dade GOP Sending Emails On Behalf Of Broward GOP Chair Candidate?

Broward Republicans are receiving emails from the Miami-Dade Republican Party pushing the candidacy of 23 year old musician Lauren Cooley. Last week, REDBROWARD reported Cooley complained she did not have emails for all members of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC). Even though she’s been a BREC member for a handful of months, Cooley has the support of Broward Republicans tied to the Broward Democrat establishment. Now, it appears Cooley has the help of the Miami-Dade GOP in her quest to be the next BREC leader.

Cooley sent an email to Broward Republicans on Saturday. When a recipient clicks on “update profile,” they are taken to a new page. If you click on the “past issues” tab, you can read previous emails sent from this email account.

The new page is titled, “Email Campaign Archive from Republican Party of Miami-Dade County.” The list includes emails sent in June 2015 promoting the Miami-Dade GOP Lincoln Day Dinner featuring Senator Marco Rubio. Other emails tout the June 2014 Broward Lincoln Day and an October 2014 visit to Coral Springs by Governor Rick Scott. The event was hosted by the Republican Business Network (RBN).

Yesterday, REDBROWARD reported RBN President Mike Rump is one of the driving forces behind Cooley’s campaign. As a public insurance adjuster, Rump works closely with Democrat lobbyist Steven Geller. A former State Senator, Geller is currently seeking a seat on the Broward County Commission. Rump, his wife, and others have been desperately seeking email lists to promote Cooley.

Did Rump ask the Miami-Dade GOP to interfere in Broward Republican Politics?

Other sources claim the Cooley team has been pressuring employees of the Republican Party of Florida to intervene in the race on Cooley’s behalf.

Guess TEAM COOLEY doesn’t want Broward Republicans to decide Broward Republican elections on their own.

We don’t need meddling from Miami or Tallahassee.

Cooley will challenge acting Chairman Robert W.Sutton on Monday evening.

link found in the Lauren Cooley email to Broward Republicans


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