One of Red Broward’s most loyal commenters, Independent, took exception with our tour of Ilene Lieberman Botanical Gardens. He/She said:

“Independent says:
April 25, 2012 at 4:12 pm

Wow. I have been to this park many times. It only goes to show you what a camera, purposely pointed always in the wrong direction can do.

The shrub is Bamboo, and it was recently cut. The shot you did with your camera was always pointed away from the park. Too bad, it is an award winning park.

You didn’t show the amphitheater or seating, art, nor anything really else in the park.

This is home of Jazz Picnic in the Park, and it is a really great event with large attendance. Maybe you should attend someday.

What I think your problem is is the name of the park itself. If so, then say it. It shouldn’t bias the place itself which many attend throughout Broward County.”

Here is our response:

“It is a nice park. Lots of pics of everything just space constraints. Of course such a nice park is worthy of the name ‘Jackie Gleason’ not ‘Ilene Lieberman’.

Under Jackie Gleason, Lauderhill became a world class destination. home to a major golf tournament which attracted movie stars, celebrities, athletes. Also, he attracted snow birds who wanted glamour, glitz and golf. Inverrary became home to first class hotels, restaurants, shopping and movie theaters. That waterfall became a symbol of Inverrary’s prestige.

Under Ilene Lieberman, Bev Stracher, & co. Inverrary wasted away. The golf course and tennis courts are in disrepair. The snowbirds flew away. The movie theaters closed. Restaurants went from first class dining to Checkers and McDonalds. The hotels are a joke; Check out TripAdvisor…reviews are unbelievable. The waterfall stopped working and is now a stagnant symbol to the governing prowess of Ilene Lieberman.

The Botanical Gardens, no matter how shiny and beautiful, is a joke. Who cares about a jazz concert when the rest of the city is falling down? It’s a monument to the kiss-ass mentality of Democrats in this town. All bow down at the feet of Ilene Lieberman.

Inverrary deserves better. Lauderhill deserves better. Broward County deserves better. Jackie Gleason deserves better.

You deserve better.

Winter is coming.”