Last Friday, the Juan Eliel Garcia For US Congress campaign opened its headquarters in Sunrise. Garcia hopes to win the GOP nomination so he can send Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out of Touch) packing in November. He told the crowd attending the opening that he was “truly a different option” to Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The campaign released the following statement:

“Congress, at the opening of the Juan Eliel for Congress campaign headquarters on Shotgun Road in Sunrise this past Friday March 9th.

‘This election is a choice between the status quo, which the people are not happy with, and a new direction for the country,’ said Carlos Ferreira, campaign manager. ‘Juan Eliel is not a career politician, but a concerned citizen who cares where America is going and cares what the people think.’

Garcia introduced himself to the crowd with his trademark line – ‘Restoring the American Dream’ – and talked about the crucial role the economy and other issues will play in the primary election scheduled for August 14th. Volunteers have already been using the office to run nightly info-call operations to prospective voters in Broward County.

‘Broward County is essential to turning our country around and putting America back to work,’ Garcia said. ‘The people of Broward County know our current representative in Washington has sold us out. Wall Street has bought her. Broward was considered the high-tech capital of the nation, the Silicon Valley of its day, and it’s been destroyed by outsourcing and uncontrolled imports from abroad.’

Garcia thanked the volunteers for their support and hard work. His campaign will earn a place on the ballot after gathering over 2300 signatures on nominating petitions, a first for a Hispanic in the 23rd Congressional District.

‘This election is different, because finally the voters have as a choice, someone with values and integrity. On August 14th, we are going to send a message to Washington: Enough of the career politicians. We are going to put America first, put Americans back to work, and make Washington work for us, instead of the other way around.’

Juan Eliel Garcia is a radio personality, pastor and entrepreneur who founded and managed various corporations both here in the USA and in his native Puerto Rico.

The JUAN ELIEL FOR CONGRESS campaign headquarters are located at 719 Shotgun Road Sunrise, Fl 33326.”