***Update*** Broward GOP Chairman Richard DeNapoli tells RED BROWARD:
“I’m not interested in running. What I am interested in doing is making sure we get behind our Republican nominee so that we can win CD-22 in November!”

original post is below:

Congressman Allen West’s decision to seek a new congressional seat continues to send shockwaves all across Broward county. Adam Hasner became the Republican favorite when he dropped out of the US Senate race and picked up the support of Congressman West and Congressman Eric Cantor. Plus, Hasner has another huge advantage, the $700,000 in his campaign account. But this is Broward; Our politicians rarely follow conventional wisdom, logic or common sense. Let’s take a look at some names being mentioned around town.

State Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff would be a logical choice. She has a vast amount of legislative experience and name-recognition. Most of Bogdanoff’s current district falls within CD-22. State Representative George Moraitis also serves many residents of CD-22. Moraitis is serving his first term in Tallahassee, but he has quickly become a favorite of Broward Republicans.

Don’t bet on either Bogdanoff or Moraitis jumping into the race. Sources tell RED BROWARD both of them may endorse Hasner later this week.

Broward GOP chairman Richard DeNapoli could be tempted, but he’d have to do what former chairman Chip LaMarca did in 2010–resign his chairmanship before running for the seat. It’s doubtful DeNapoli would do this so close to the November 2012 elections.

Speaking of Commissioner LaMarca, RED BROWARD continues to hear whispers about his interest in CD-22. LaMarca could run for seat without having to resign from the commission. His fellow commissioners, Broward Democrats Kristen Jacobs and John Rodstrom, are likely to do the same thing. However, LaMarca’ entry would only hurt Hasner by forcing him to spend his war chest in a primary battle. This, in turn, would only benefit Jacobs and Rodstrom; Something LaMarca may be loathe to do given published reports saying there is bad-blood between LaMarca and Rodstrom.