Don’t say we did not warn you…

Months ago, Diane Bendekovic, the newly-elected Plantation Mayor and Democrat, announced Plantation faced a budget deficit of $5.8 million dollars.

Now, sources tell RED BROWARD the actual deficit is more than 8 million dollars. When Bendekovic’s father, the legendary Frank Veltri, was mayor Plantation was known for fiscal responsibility, low taxes and superior services. Veltri would have never allowed this financial mess.

What did Bendekovic and former Mayor Rae Carole Armstrong know about this financial disaster?

To put things in perspective, the City of Hollywood declared a financial emergency over an $8.6 million dollar deficit. People were fired. Services and salaries were slashed.

Hollywood is a bigger city than Plantation. Plantation doesn’t pay for fire services. How can Plantation’s projected deficit be just $400k less than Hollywood? Where did all the money go?

City officials are scrambling for answers before next week’s scheduled budget meeting. Stay tuned…