Why Is The “Tea Party Backed” Judicial Candidate Representing Sylvia Poitier?

Some local activists have been touting Robert “Bob” Nichols as the “tea party backed” judicial candidate. Really? Is this the same guy who spent Friday keeping convicted corrupt politician Sylvia Poitier out of jail? The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports the following: “This wasn’t her first brush with the law. In January, Poitier was sentenced to […]


Enjoy these pics from the March 2012 Black Heritage and Women’s History Program from TAYST Magazine. The festivities, held in Deerfield Beach, featured a grand appearance from disgraced Broward Democrat politician Sylvia Poitier. Lots of Broward politicians and judicial candidates were on hand to kiss Poitier’s ring. Guess they didn’t hear a Broward jury convicted […]

Your RED BROWARD Weekend Forecast…You Know Where This Is Going

Forget about the weekend weather…winter is coming.